In case you didn't know these things already.


  1. WE DON’T JUDGE — We love everyone in our genre. We know some fans are ostracized for being different, for liking things that are bloody, scary and gross. We take anyone in and WE HAVE THEIR BACKS. We’re one big, horrifically awesome family.


  2. WE CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN EVERYDAY — Why should we limit ourselves to one measly day a year to celebrate the greatest holiday ever? To celebrate our darkest, most celebrated fears and loves? Well us horror fans, can do so. And when Halloween-time actually comes around, we just go frickin’ nuts!Halloween-Party-Table-The-Hopeless-Housewife-7
  3. WE CAN THROW A KICKASS HALLOWEEN PARTY — We know what is scary. We know what is lame. If you ever came to one our parties, chances are you’ll have more fun than any haunted house out there.tumblr_ntxcwfeqmM1r5asjgo1_1280
  4. WHEN A HORROR LEGEND DIES, IT’S LIKE LOSING A FAMILY MEMBER — The passing of horror greats, are so unbelievably painful. These are our idols, our inspirations and heroes. Losing one hurts and we always will hold them very close to our hearts.zombie-survival-kit-wall-mounted
  5. WE ARE BRAVE — We’ve seen enough killing, violence and crazy-ass scenarios that ultimately have prepared us for any impending zombie-takeovers that may be headed our way. We know what to do, what not to do and will invest in the most useful tools out there.901610_518741231497568_888110918_o
  6. WE HAVE PRETTY SWEET CONVENTIONS — Our conventions are loaded with our favorite actors including several iconic legends from the past and present that make all our favorite childhood dreams come true. Even some of our favorite horror shows get their own freakin’ convention. How cool is that?lAEV1
  7. WE HAVE MORE SUBGENRES THAN ANY OTHER GENRE — Seriously, there are so many aspects, parts and breeds of horror that our list of subgenres is always growing. If a fan likes any particular subgenre and dislikes others, they will surely be satisfied because thousands of horror films likely fall into their favorite categories.Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.04.15 PM
  8. WE HAVE THE GREATEST HORROR GROUPS — Our Facebook groups and internet forums are where we feel like home. We can connect to fellow horror lovers from all over the world. There’s always something exciting going on in these groups and discussing horror movies is always the best way to pass the time.JARRADLEARY1
  9. OUR HORROR COLLECTIONS ARE LEGENDARY — We have shelves, rows and heaps of horror films and love to show them off. Hell, some of us even have entire rooms devoted to our horror collections.true-blood-overallsite-10455451
  10. OUR TV SHOWS PUSH THE LIMITS — Our TV shows are changing TV itself one scare at a time. Horror TV shows are not afraid to break the mold and show some gore, scares and screams.

So come join us! We don’t bite! (Okay, maybe some of us do 😉 But for real, we are the most fun and diverse people you’ll ever meet!



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