4 Ideas For The Future of ‘American Horror Story’

So much terror and potential...

1) American Horror Story: Community
LAPD detectives Sgt. Candace Stark (Connie Britton) and Det. Seth Park (Finn Wittrock) are called to investigate a home invasion robbery\homicide.  Their investigation takes behind the walls of the Sacred Ground Condominiums.  The patriarch of the community, Jason Dhark (guest star Lance Henriksen) offers limited assistance.  As they interview the families, they soon discover dark secrets.  There is more than meets the eye to this perfect community.


2) American Horror Story: Wasteland
Dead-Eye (Luke Evans) a vicious killer who’s marksmanship is legendary.  A posse, led by Texas Rangers Michael Hawk (Evan Peters) and William Zedd (Danny Houston) along with a group of  bounty hunters, led by Luke ‘Lightning’ Jones (Dylan McDermott) team up to bring him down.  As the carnage continues, it becomes clear that Dead-Eye is more dangerous than they could’ve imagined.

Wild West

3) American Horror Story: Apocalypse
A young and eager reporter, Sean Milles (guest star Johnny Galecki), gets to interview recluse cult leader Rev. Ray Hope (guest star Brad Douriff).  Rev. Hope is preaching that the end is coming.  At first Milles and the rest of the world are skeptical.  However, as his predictions start to come true, it appears Rev. Hope is telling the truth.  Is the world truly coming to an end?


4) American Horror Story: Happy World
Wonderland is the perfect place.  Every man, woman and child are true beacons of hope and kindness.  Captain Wonder (voiced by Ron Perlman) leads his people as they teach children every day lessons that will make them better people.  Once the sun sets, the rules change.  The citizens of Happy World have complete freedom.  What happens when these happy characters don’t have to be happy anymore?



Comment below with which idea you like the best.  Also, let me know if you have any story ideas.


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  • Josh Millican
    18 March 2015 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    American Horror Story: Mars. Colonists discover the red planet is HAUNTED!!!