5 “Aliens” Stories that are Canon but not Films!

Look to novels and video games, folks!

Who loves the Aliens franchise? No one can say that the first two films aren’t some of the greatest horror movies in history. Alien serves as a slow-burn, atmospheric, chiller. Aliens is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping, thrill-ride. And then we also have 3, Resurrection, Prometheus, the Predator trilogy, and the AVP duology. And that’s it for canon entries in the Alien-verse, right? Wrong.

Check it out!

1. Aliens: Colonial Marines (Video Game)
Ok, this is the black sheep of the bunch, so I might as well get it out of the way first. It is canon though. And I will say that I just started playing it a month ago (after making sure Gamestop still has a 7 day satisfaction guarantee on used games) and I personally love it! I don’t know what bugs there were, but they appear to be patched by now. The game is fully functioning and a very fun shooter in the style of Aliens. It takes place in the aftermath of Aliens, set on the same planet. Yeah, that facility exploding? Didn’t kill everything. The game fills in a lot of blanks between Aliens and Alien 3.

2. Alien: Isolation (Video Game)
This is the video game that is supposed to make up for how “horrible” Colonial Marines was. But ironically, I am seeing more glitches in this game than in CM! Still, a fun and intense game though. It is set between Alien and Aliens and features Elen Ripley’s daughter Amanda. Amanda has been looking for her mother all this time and is brought on board for a mission to obtain the flight box of the Nostromo from a space station that has picked it up. Well, it turns out there is also an alien on the space station. This is a game of running and surviving. Think Amnesia, but in space with a xenomorph.

3. Alien: Out of the Shadows (Novel)
The first part of a three book series officially licensed by Fox, this book takes place between Alien and Aliens. It reveals that before being picks up by the salvage crew at the beginning of Aliens, Ripley’s shuttle docks with a ship also having alien problems. Why? Well, turns out Ash the Asshole Android uploaded his AI into the shuttle and is still trying to fulfill his mission. Go figure.

4. Alien: Sea of Sorrows (Novel)
The next book in the series in terms of publication date, and the last in terms of chronological order, this book is set in the far future and seeing a character named Alan Decker, a distant descendant of Elen Ripley, battle xenomorphs found dormant in the mines of the previous book. It is set after Resurrection and shows that Weyland-Yutani reforms after the collapse of the United Systems Military.

5. Alien: River of Pain (Novel)
A prequel to Aliens, this book finally reveals the story of the colonists on LV 426. It shows how the xenomorphs over ran the colony and how Newt survived. It is due for release on November 25.

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