Over the last couple of years, we have seen the continued growth of quality genre films coming out of Toronto. An east coast hub for film, culture, community and genre filmmaking, I continue to be blown away by the talent that it produces and the films it offers. While not all these films are available yet on VOD, film festivals and events like THE BLOOD IN THE SNOW CANADIAN FILMF ESTIVAL, TORONTO AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL, TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and HORROR RAMA has offered fans a chance to purchase and watch these stellar titles. A diverse offering of films is listed below with something for everyone from movie poster mania to gothic Halloween storytelling to an emotional gore fest to the reality of murder to anthology of late night television madness! Support indie horror everywhere and dig into these six titles over your weekend out of the Toronto!

24X36: A MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE POSTERS – Director Kevin Burke

Just released on VOD platforms is one of my favorite films of 2016 as well as just one of the best documentaries in some time. Focusing on the birth, death and rebirth of movie poster art including the psychology, talent, artists, devotion, collection, industry, fans, impact, history and more, filmmaker Kevin Burke’s journey unites to educate the masses as well as introduce to a new generation to what was considered the first visual of a film promotion for decades. With so many incredible names (Gary Pullin, Matt Tobin, Andrea Alvin, Joe Dante, Matt Chojnacki, Jason Edmiston, Roger Kastel and more) that create and have created movie posters for decades, Burke balances reality with the love of an art that creates the timeless moment of a near, by gone era. (Available on iTunes, Amazon Video and DVD/Blu-Ray)

3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS – Director Torin Langen

There is an ocean of filmmakers out there who live in an era of resources, information and technology right at their disposal. Very few reach their potential even with all this at their fingertips. As of right now, Torin Langen floats in the dark and stormy ocean of filmmakers. 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS is an anthology surrounding five tales of gothic, Halloween themed horror stories with a GOOSEBUMPS vibe. Langen creates the main seet of tales from a teenager who comes across three graves and the notes attached to each one telling those who dare read how these missing trick or treaters came to a terrible end. Each of the tales stands on their own with no dialogue as a theme throughout the anthology. The modern day expressionist collection ranges from twisted Halloween treats to rites to rituals to witches to warped Halloween traditions. Handling the writing, directing, cinematography, producing and more, Langen bridges the series with haunting feel of connection through props, actions, costume and being wicked. (Film Festival Circuit)

BITE – Director Chad Archibald

Considered by many to have the distinction of be one of the grossest films of the last decade. The never resting minds at BLACK FAWN FILMS continue to pump out very visual storytelling based horror. Tapping into fears of commitment, expectations, jealousy and the idea of betrayal is only one video away comes the very emotional and very visceral BITE. Focusing on a woman who is about to get married, her fears come full circle as she approaches being a wife, daughter-in-law and mother. On a girls’ only getaway, she is bitten under the water. Dealing with the bite back home, her paranoia, insecurity and fear begin to manifest itself as her world and all those in it will be forever changed because of one bite. Gory, tense, connecting and emotional, BITE blends the angst of responsibility and relationships with just detailed practical FX driven horror on every level! (VOD and DVD Amazon)

CAPTURE KILL RELEASE – Directed by Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart

The surprise hit of 2016 is a terrifying vision of what this world has become when we can do what we want to do and get away with it. Entering a world with the just the idea that a couple wants to murder some random stranger for kicks, we meet Jenn and Farhang. Filmed in found footage style, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE takes the viewer through the madness of the couple’s mindset of planning the murder, selecting the victim, preparing for the murder, executing the murder and the internal repercussions of the actions. At times very vibrant and shocking, while at other times very gritty, lustful and twisted, this portrait of serial killers has the reality to it that sends chills down your spine and builds the tension with each breath, action and intention. A blockbuster performance by Jenn Fraser, this film is acted so well that you wonder… (VOD and DVD Amazon)

LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE – Directed by Kelly Michael Stewart, Zachary Ramelan, Navin Ramaswaran and Torin Langen

The reality of late night television is a dirty game of survival, low production values and tales of well crafted horror. The LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE is an anthology that surrounds a late night horror host show “Dr. Nasty” and his assistant “Nurse Nasty”. Campy at times, tense throughout and diverse in each story feel, look and direction, the set of three tales tests the limits of sanity for each central character, their obsession with success and the bloody ending that each face for the sins and sacrifices they portray. This anthology produced by Kelly Michael Stewart is a lot of fun with each segment well casted and unique with the tone, pace and focus. All three have their blood, practical FX and power to make you cringe. (VOD and DVD Amazon)

THE DEMOLISHER – Directed by Gabriel Carrer

Brutality… tense… tormented. With a visual style reflecting Nicholas Winding-Refn reflected on canvas of dark storytelling that invokes the exploitation cinema of the 1970’s and 1980’s comes this tale of a repairman Bruce (Ry Barrett) turns vigilante carrying the burden and responsibility of his wife’s Samantha, an ex-policewoman (Tianna Nori) crippling injury to the streets seeking brutal rage and blind justice especially Marie (Jessica Vano). With his unbalanced mind, deadly rage and extreme violence, Bruce must fight the demons inside as well as the mounting danger on the streets of Toronto. (VOD and DVD Amazon)
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