5 More Horror Movies That Were Never Made

Horror movies that were announced but were either cancelled, scrapped or unreleased.


1. E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears

Yes, that’s right, they were really going to make a sequel, a much darker sequel at that, to the family film hit ET. The film was to be centered on Elliot and his friends being abducted and experimented on leaving it up to ET to save them.. Yeahhhh, this movie never made it far in the planning stages before being scrapped.


2. All American Massacre

All American Massacre was to be a spin-off of the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The plot was to follow the Hewitt brother Choptop who finds himself locked away in a mental asylum. The film even went as far as having a trailer released and the film makers are still taking donations to finish it. You can find more info on their official website here.


3. Ridley Scott’s I Am Legend

Now I know I Am Legend was already made into a semi-decent film that made millions in the box office, but back in 1997 director Ridley Scott had the same idea to adapt the famous novel. The adaptation would have featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as Robert Neville (which was Will Smith’s character in the 2007 film.) The film was in the planning stages for most of the 90’s but then when Schwarzengger and Scott both experienced box office flops, the studio became nervous and backed out of the film. It is said that Scott’s version would have been very silent in the first half with quite a creep aurora. Check out some of the awesome concept artwork here.


4. Last Summer 3D

I Know What You Did Last Summer performed big at the box office, based off of Lois Duncan’s novel of the same name. So it was only to be expected when it’s sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer hit theaters, although it was not as successful as the first film. Over ten years since the sequel was released, plans for a third film was announced in 2011. Around the same time as the Scream series was revived, they had wanted to do the same with the IKWYDLS franchise. Last Summer 3D was to star Freddie Prince Jr, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy Norwood and Anne Heche as well as many others. The film ultimately was cancelled due to the script being leaked on the internet.


5. Near Dark Remake

In 2008 director Ryan Zeller had plans to remake the 1987 cult vampire film Near Dark which would have starred Sophia Bush, Bill Paxton, Benjamin McKenzie and Heather Langenkamp. The movie had even been in the filming stages and about half the film was shot. However, after the studio saw the completed shots and were unhappy with them, the movie was halted and still to do this day has not been finished.

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