A Long Time Ago, In a Cali Apartment Far Away, Freddy Krueger Discovered Luke Skywalker

You can thank the iconic Robert Englund for Mark Hamill finding the role of Luke Skywalker

Robert Englund. One of the biggest names in horror. One of only two horror actors to ever portray the same character 8 consecutive times with his iconic role of Freddy Krueger (the other being Doug Bradley with his role of Pinhead). But before Englund became the face of horror, he worked in sci fi, first in the TV series V and later… wait for it… he auditioned for Star Wars!

That’s right, the man who would be Krueger went in for an audition for the movie Apocalypse Now, was told he was too old for the role, and was subsequently sent across the hall where an at-the-time obscure movie called Star Wars was holding auditions. Robert auditioned for the role of Han Solo. Unfortunately (or luckily for we Freddy fans), he didn’t land the part.

So, Robert went home and told the young guy crashing on his couch about Star Wars. That kid’s name was then-TV-actor Mark Hamill. Robert told Mark that the hero of the movie was supposed to be a teenager and suggested maybe he give it a shot. The rest is history.

So, yeah, Freddy may have killed a few dozen people. But he also saved the galaxy. That makes it ok, right?

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  • Josh Millican
    7 November 2014 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Maybe it’s a bad thing! I always thought Luke was a whinny brat in Star Wars and deadpan by Return of the Jedi. I wonder what the series might have been like with a different Luke.