This Agency Is Ready For Zombies

Have No Fear, The AZTF Is Here!!

The zombie apocalypse is something we often joke about.  It’s a scenario that may or may not happen.  One top-secret government agency, AZTF (Anti Zombie Task Force) is ready for that scenario.  They are more than willing to fight the undead.  And they have the perfect tools for the upcoming battle.

“We’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead like crazy’ explains Special Agent Knot Aclue.
Agent Aclue elaborates that they have several candidates for their agency.  ‘Daryl Dixon is a total badass so we definitely need him on our side.  Our Intel confirms that his real name is Norman Reedus so we’re eager to make contact with him.’

The AZTF is stocking several warehouses with food and supplies for this disaster.  Assistant Agent First Todie praises stores like Costco and Sam’s Club for their support.  ‘Yeah, they think we’re crackpots but hey we have a ton of money to spend!’  Agent Todie has pointed out the AZTF has received several firearms and ammunition.  ‘We’re still trying to figure out how to load the guns.  I’m sure we’ll figure it out eventually.’

When asked what assistance they receive from other agencies, Agent Todie and Aclue feel they’re on their own.  ‘The AZTF is important but laughed at constantly.  They call us lame, worthless, stupid and other things we shouldn’t repeat.’  The AZTF is ready to save humanity from the undead horde.  They not have the respect, experience or knowledge to fight, yet they’re eager to prove themselves.  God help us all.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

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