Aliens? Check. Lost in the woods? Check. Found Footage? Check. Does it work? Check.

A spoiler free review of the 2014 film Alien Abduction.

When I first heard ‘found-footage alien film’ I thought “Count me in!” After watching V/H/S/2 back when it came out, I remember liking the Slumberparty segment, and wondered why there wasn’t more movies like that. Now let’s face it, aliens are fucking scary. There is so much that can be done with them in a horror movie but for some reason, everything just tends to be the same nowadays.

After Alien Abduction was released, the bad reviews and ratings just streamed in. I actually considered not watching it because I was afraid I was going to be let down again. When it finally made it’s way to Netflix, I changed my mind and knew I just had to see it for myself.

The film focuses on a family of five whom are out on a camping trip. The father Peter is played by Peter Holden, the mother Katie is played by Katherine Sigismund, the daughter Jillian is played by Jillian Claire, older son Corey played by Corey Eid and the youngest son Riley is played by Riley Polanski. The ‘filmer’ of the movie is Riley, who is an 11 year old autistic boy that likes to film things because the family say it helps him.


The movie really doesn’t start off that slow– nowhere near as slow as half the found-footage films out there do. In my opinion, this one started off pretty quickly, with some slowness in the middle of the film instead of the beginning. On their first night camping, nothing too exciting happens other than the kids notice the “Brown Mountain Lights.” On the second day of their camping trip is when shit really starts to hit the fan. The family gets lost and the dad Peter loses his temper because no electronic device could find a signal.


Soon, they discover a bunch of abandoned cars and are unable to find the people anywhere in site. It is when they start looking that things go haywire. The rest of the film delves into a game of cat and mouse between the aliens and the Morris family. There are a lot of jump scares, but they were well-paced so they worked for me… I swear, the first one scared the crap out of me!


If you think about it, this movie combines two horror movie fears into one: being lost in the woods and aliens. And to me, it worked. Sure, there were some cheesy parts to it but I think overall, it’s a good scary movie. I watched it late last night, had all the lights off and I was clinging to my blanket because I was literally scared of what might happen next.

And yes, the title could have used some serious work. I definitely will say that. To me, the alternative title would have worked a little better– The Morris Family Abduction.

In any eventI am really glad I decided to give this film a watch.. overall I’d give it a 3/5.


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