American Gore Stories 3

Redneck Psychopaths in the Last Farmhouse on the Left


SRS Cinema unleashes four more classic underground horror flicks.

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The outrageously titled box set REDNECK PSYCHOPATHS IN THE LAST FARMHOUSE ON THE LEFT is the third installment of SRS Cinema’s AMERICAN GORE STORIES series, which brings together a number of classic – some more classic than others – underground, DIY and straight-to-video horror films. If you’re a fan of the DEAD BODY MAN films, then Volume 3 is right down your alley, comprised as it is of the DBM trilogy plus a bonus fourth flick, ASPIRING PSYCHOPATH.

Wasting no time or further words, DEAD BODY MAN gets your attention right up front when a hooker propositions a retarded man and they head back to his house so he can raid his piggy bank to pay for his funnin’. It’s a great shocker lead-in and what comes next is an equally grim-fun surprise. What seems like a quick buck fucking a retard turns into the worst nightmare ever for this poor prostitute. Next thing she knows, she’s in a basement and the torture porn – before such subgenre nomenclature existed – gets rolling. Along with the holy rolling. Yep, this psychopath has a hard-on for The Big Guy, who apparently has commissioned him to wage a war on sin. By war I mean the torture and murder of the psycho’s chosen victims. We are even treated to a flashback revealing the first time “God” spoke to him. Nice touch. The plot of a God-driven avenging psychopath is nothing new, not even then, I guess, but DEAD BODY MAN shoots out of the gate with its own touch and twist on the idea. Beside the horror of the movie, there are also streaks of iconoclastic humor that add texture. The violence and humor are typically linked, one happening concurrently with the other, sometimes both stemming from the same act. I was quite enamored of the idea of a sort of Psychopaths Anonymous support group, a surprise satirical twist the movie offers up. I mean, not a TWIST twist – it happens early on – but it’s a nice flourish. Furthermore, this cannibalistic killer has a crisis of conscious, in partial thanks to his involvement with the group, one can only assume. It culminates in a descent into utter madness as, in despair, he turns his vicious attention inward. DEAD BODY MAN 2 continues the adventures of this loony, with his finding a perfect victim immediately. After getting treated to a well-staged argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend, neither of which is a prize to humanity, we see Dead Body Man swoop in to begin his carnage for this film. He still wants out like Michael fucking Corleone but when God returns, manifesting in the toilet, then we know where things are going. Plus the extension of DBM1 activities, the second film introduces a subplot involving DBM being haunted by ghosts of his past, so to speak. His demons, in the form of dead victims out to fuck with his head (maybe worse), come to assail him. He also has to face Santa Claus, Jesus and others. DBM2 kinda takes the whole deal to the next level. It’s not a rehash but an expansion. God has a greater role here, too. My favorite incarnation of The Big Guy in this is as a sultry vixen who communicates through DBM’s porn movies. Part 2 also ups the ante on the violence, which is gorier, with the kills being a bit more elaborate. There’s even a Two Girls One Murder scenario that begins with titties and ends with gore. The insertion of a doctored venereal disease health education film from WAY back makes for a whole hilarious interlude of sorts in the midst of the usual madness. All around, the creativity is up a notch and the second film is better, not worse, than the first, which is sadly not the norm in Sequel Land. The third film it the franchise, DEAD BODY MAN CHRONICLES, takes the prequel route and fills in some of the gaps on Dead Body Man’s youth. From childhood seeds of insanity through to time spent in a group home full of nuts and kooks crazier than those in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning – no doubt solidifying his madness – CHRONICLES reveals within the first five minutes just how bad the psycho’s young life was. Or, rather, that first five minutes gives us a strong hint. The rest of the film unloads the rest of the psychological atrocities, both those inflicted on young DBM and the badness he himself embraces. Plus, there’s a scene of (simulated) cock and ball torture. The budding Dead Body Man gets knocked around to a bunch of bad situations, environments perfectly designed to cultivate a young sociopath. Luckily, this doesn’t drop in as an also-ran afterthought in the franchise but rather serves as a solid third act as strong as the previous films, even if the story is a tad different. The tone remains, one of humor and horror via this franchise’s personality. We find out, as well, the roots of DBM’s cannibalistic tendencies as well as his penchant for chicken-fucking. Did I fail to mention that above? Also, God has titties again.

This collection wraps with ASPIRING PSYCHOPATH. The opening sequence is a grabber. When a big dumb lug of a rapist accosts a beautiful woman and ties her to a tree, things do not end the way he – or the viewers – expected. When she turns the tables on him, we find ourselves in a table-turning upset of the killer-prey dynamic. He’s picked on the wrong vic. He isn’t our aspiring psychopath. She is, it would seem. She shares her life anger, stemming from a childhood Dead Body Man would relate to, before fucking the rapist up, but not killing him. That she leaves for nature to do. Then another twist hits us. This lovely lady is a stalker – a stalker of psychopaths. She carries a camera, documents activities, the whole nine yards. The psychothriller components share running time with a bit of tied-up torture porn. Things take a turn for the even weirder when she confronts her subject mid-torture and, to his surprise, orders him at gunpoint to CONTINUE his violence against the innocent victim. Finally, she starts directing, telling her chosen killer dude what to do to his victim. Turns out, she’s looking for a teacher. She is, indeed, our aspiring psychopath. But once she knows the ropes, does she any longer need him? Better than par acting, a good story, solid gore set pieces (often simple but very effective), stylishness via quirky editing and fourth wall breakage without actual breakage (she talks to the viewer via her video diary), philosophizing mingled with extreme violence, psychological brutality on par with the physical violence, suspense – these are all elements that contribute to ASPIRING PSYCHOPATH being arguably the best flick in this bundle.

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