‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Recap

S4E2: 'Massacres and Matinees'

Elsa found her star to save the show.  The question is what talent do the Siamese sisters possess? Bette and Dot don’t want people to just stare.  There must be an act to draw in the crowds.  Bette tries to sing, but her voice is flat and off-key.  Dot tries and is a smash.  She gives one hell of a performance, wowing the crowd.  Elsa is impressed but worried that her time in the spotlight is coming to an end.

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Two new performers come looking to find their fortune.  Dell The Strongman (guest Michael Chiklis) and his wife, Desiree, a hermaphrodite with three breasts, (Angela Bassett) want to join Elsa’s troupe.  Elsa doesn’t have enough money to hire new acts.  However, she knows with the killer on the loose, some extra muscle couldn’t hurt.


Ethel knows Dell from a long time ago and knows this is a bad idea.  Dell has a vicious temper, drunk or sober.  Ethel fears Dell will cause more problems than he’ll solve.  Jimmy and Dell have a violent confrontation. Also, Dell seems to be wresting away control from Elsa.  He wants to do matinee shows.  Elsa prefers to do shows at night when the mystery appears.  It appears hiring Dell was a bad idea that will get worse.

Another bad idea comes from a rich woman, Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy) Her son, Dandy (Finn Wittrock) is ‘bored.’  He hates his life and wants some excitement.  He and Gloria have an argument and he storms off.  Gloria, on a drive to find him, comes across a clown walking.  She offers to hire him to cheer her son up.  Mr. Twisty agrees and goes home with her.  Dandy and Mr. Twisty try to find some common ground.  Dandy finds a nasty surprise in Mr. Twist’s bag and is intrigued.  Apparently, Mr. Twisty has a new a friend and possible partner in crime.


The troupe are in for a surprise when the police show up looking for evidence in the murder of the missing police officer.  An ‘anonymous tip’ led them there.  They begin their search.  Jimmy, having planting evidence on Dell, is confident things will work out.  The police find the officer’s badge in Meep The Geek’s tent.  He is taken away as the troupe looks on scared for their friend.
Jimmy knows Meep won’t last in jail.  He wants to help.  It’s too late.  Later that night, a truck appears and some men drop off a body.  It’s Meep.

This episode had its good and bad moments.  The good came from some intriguing back story.  It was hinted that Dell might be Johnny’s father.  We also learn that bad things happen when Dandy ‘storms off in a mood.’  Gloria’s maid reveals that she found animal remains in the tool shed and neighbors have been complaining about missing animals.  It appears Dandy isn’t just a spoiled brat, but a psychopath.

The bad is the musical number.  Yes Sarah Paulson can sing, but why did the writers choose Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal.’  The show takes place in the 1950s.  Shouldn’t they have chosen a song from that era? Also, Dandy teaming up with Mr. Twisty seems forced.  Mr. Twist is scary enough on his own.  I don’t think he needs a side-kick.  This episode had some bumpy moments.  I just hope things smooth out during the rest of the season.

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