‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E6: 'Bullseye'

Elsa has plans for her TV debut.  She’s not deterred by whispers of the others.  The members of her troupe think she had something to do with the twins disappearing.  She brought them to Gloria and Dandy’s.  She wanted them gone so they couldn’t steal her spot light.  She has no idea the danger she’s put them in.

Paul is sleeping with Elsa, but is in love with Penny, the nurse that ran away to join the troupe.  He goes on a shopping trip to buy some perfume.  He runs into Dandy.  Dandy is buying a large amount of items, all of them in pairs.  Paul confronts Dandy but is kicked out of the store.  Paul tries to tell Jimmy that Elsa sent the twins away, but Jimmy won’t listen.

Bette and Dot seem to be living the high life.  Dandy spoils them with fancy food and clothes.  He’s a perfect gentleman.  Bette is in love with him, while Dot doesn’t trust him.  Dot does see a light as Dandy reads a story about another pair of Siamese twins are separated.  Dandy has the money Dot needs for the surgery.  She can finally be free.  But Dandy loses his temper showing his true nature.  Dot needs to make her play soon.


Stanley and Maggie continue their plan.  Stanley wants Jimmy’s claws.  He wants Maggie to lure Jimmy to a barn.  Maggie is hesitant and instead offers up Ma Petite, the small woman.  Another dark moment evolves when Paul confronts Elsa.  She snaps and goes off on the entire troupe.  She wants proof of their devotion.  She wants a show of trust, she wants someone to get on the spinning, knife wheel.  Paul volunteers and is ‘accidentally’ injured.


Elsa refuses to get medical help.  She wants her secret safe.  She’s so close to stardom, there can be no obstacles.  Jimmy goes on a trip to visit Dandy.  It’s time he found out the truth.  He’s just in time as Dandy is planning to kill them.  He read their diary and knows how they really feel about him.  A showdown in on the horizon.

Not a great episode, but not the worst.  I’m trying to figure out the endgame of this season.  It’s only a matter of time before the troupe learns of Elsa’s deceit.  Will Stanley and Maggie be discovered?  I really don’t know how much longer these little side stories can be expanded.  I wonder how this season will end.  I can only hope it’ll be more entertaining than the episodes we’ve been seeing.

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  • Josh Millican
    18 November 2014 at 11:54 pm - Reply

    I miss Twisty.