‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E9 'Tupperware Party Massacre'

Dandy goes to Maggie to have his fortune read.  He tells her he hurt someone badly.  He has taken his mother’s body and turned into a twisted puppet for his amusement.  He pays her well then leaves.  After leaving Maggie’s tent, he runs into Jimmy.  Jimmy, drunk off his ass, demands to know where the twins are at.  Dandy swears he has no idea. After Jimmy attacks him, Dandy vows to destroy Jimmy’s life, one person and one thing at a time.


Stanley and Elsa arrive at a hotel to see the twins.  They urge them to leave as soon as possible.  There’s a mob hunting down freaks.  They promise to take them to safety.  Stanley has a plan for a doctor to come.  He’s made the twins his next acquisition for the museum.  He tells Elsa he’s separating them so they can live their separate ways.  He even hired an actor to be the doctor.

Jimmy is falling apart.  He’s turning to alcohol to drown out the pain of losing Ethel.  He woos Ima, the newest member of the troupe.  He needs someone he can connect with.  When Maggie catches the two of them having sex, she loses it and punches Jimmy.  Any chance at romance between Jimmy and Maggie are now over.

Dandy makes a stop at a Tupperware party.  He makes up a lie get inside the house.  He slaughters all the women.  The man of the house comes home and finds the bodies all dumped in a swimming pool.  Dandy has left a mess revealing the true depth of his killing desire.  His reign of terror continues when  Regina comes to visit.  He’s about to take another blood bath.  Dandy reveals her mother’s fate and how much he enjoys killing.  He’s about to kill her but then spares her.

The twins are debating the operation.  Bette doesn’t want it, Dot is more than willing to risk her life for her sister.  They both want a chance at a normal life.  They’re scared of the operation but want to take the chance for a better life for both of them.  They have no idea what’s in store for them.

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Regina brings a police officer to question Dandy about her mother’s disappearance.  Dandy tells the cop he’s filthy rich and can’t be stopped.  Dandy offers the police officer one million dollars cash to kill and bury Regina.  The cop doesn’t even hesitate to consider the offer.  He kills Regina and asks for a shovel.

Jimmy finds Paul taking down the twins’ poster.  He stumbles to find Elsa, only to find the twins.  Bette and Dot changes their minds about the surgery.  They want to stay whole.  Dot professes her love to Jimmy.  Bette wants what Dot wants.  They both want to make Jimmy happy.  Jimmy’s flattered but he’s in love with someone else.  He leaves the tent in tears only to be surrounded by cops.  They’ve come to arrest him for the murders of several women.  His friends come to his defense but it’s too late.  It appears Jimmy has become Dandy’s fall guy.


The downward spiral continues.  I find it hard to believe that Dandy was able to bribe that cop.  I understand that a million dollars was worth more back then.  But what happens if that cop blabs?  Will Dandy have to bribe the entire police force? The Dandy story line is getting too bizarre.  And why did the twins go back to the troupe? Won’t Elsa and Stanley go there first to look for them?

This whole season is one big mess.  There are too many plot holes.  The writers have created too many side stories and ended others too quickly.  This season started out with an interesting premise but turned ugly quickly.  I’m holding out hope it’ll get better.  I hope the end makes up for it.

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  • Josh Millican
    12 December 2014 at 12:04 am - Reply

    Dandy’s puppet was sweet. Bribing that cop for a cool MIL was brutal. Jimmy rejects Dot & Bette???? Lobster-boy is killing me! Oh yeah, one more thing: I MISS TWISTY!!!