‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S5E3: 'Edward Morodrake'

Dr. Masfield,  (Dennis O’Hare) and his assistant, Ms. Rothchild (Emma Roberts) are visiting the American Morbidity Museum.  They’re trying to sell an unique item.  They are soon discovered to be con artists.  The owner, desperate to get new items, gives these two a chance to get new merchandise.  The pair decide to check out Jupiter, Florida to see what they can find.

The troupe is having a party to mask their pain over the loss of Meep.  Bette and Dot are horrified, thinking the troupe is acting disrespectful.  They think they should do a performance to honor Meep.  The troupe, and all other circus performers don’t perform on Halloween due to a superstition.  There is fear of a man named Edward Morodrake. (Wes Bentley) An aristocrat from the 1800s was born with a face on the  back of his head.  Edward went mad, killed every member of his troupe, then hung himself. Now, if a freak performs, they summon the spirit of Morodrake.

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Ms. Rothchild, using the name ‘Esmeralda’ enters the troupe under the guise of a fortune teller.  Jimmy and Elsa discuss whether or not to let her join.  Esmeralda uses cheap tricks to give Elsa a fake reading.  Elsa is given false hope and lets Esmeralda into the troupe.  Ethel, knowing that a terminal illness will kill her, confides in Dell.  Although she doesn’t want Jimmy to know Dell is his father, she wants Dell to look after Jimmy.

Dandy decides to make his own Halloween fun.  There is a curfew in place, so no one can go out and trick or treat.  He is confronted by the maid who threatens to call the police.  She taunts him to kill her, but he can’t do it.  Mr. Twisty has no problem doing evil deeds.  He sneaks into a home and kidnaps a teenage boy as he taunts his sister.



The evil continues as Morodrake appears after Elsa performs.   Yet he spares her and vanishes into thin air.  It appears Elsa is safe.  But who will face the wrath of Edward Morodrake?  I have a feeling nothing good will happen to anyone who comes across Morodrake or Mr. Twisty.

This season is lagging.  I think it’s making the same mistake as the 2nd season by cramming too much into one season.  The side plot with Morodrake is more interesting than the annoying brat, Dandy.  I have no idea where the show is going with Mr. Twisty.  The show needs to pick up the pace.  The premise still has promise, but it needs to hurry up.

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