Announcing the Golden Rake Awards for 2015!

A prestigious, low budget award for prestigious, low budget horror films

It’s baaa-aaack…’s very own independent horror awards show is back for its second year! Last year, we accepted 30 films for review and grading, scored them, and held a live stream broadcast to honor the winners! Winners were presented with a handmade award statue, their film and name immortalized on our The Golden Rake Wall of Fame, and received a streaming deal with a start-up streaming service that we were partnered with at the time.

Well, this year we’re back and better than ever! We have a couple of changes that I think are going to be very well received. Let’s go over the stipulations for entry.

  1. The film must be at least 60 minutes in length
  2. The film must have finished production sometime in 2015
  3. The film’s overall budget must be below $100k
  4. New to this year, the film must not yet have a 3rd party distribution deal

Have a movie like that? Well, you’re eligible! Here’s what you can win!

  1. Your film and name will be immortalized on The Golden Rake Wall of Fame here on
  2. You will receive a handmade award statue for you to display
  3. You will receive laurels for usage as you see fit
  4. New to this year, will help you produce your next film with a contribution to funding of between $500 and $1000. We are currently producing Moth, the new film by Golden Rake 2014 entry Bodom’s creators. They ranked high. I knew they do good work. I wanted to help them continue to do good work. Same goes for the winners this year.

The top 3 graded films will all receive these rewards.

Sometime in late February, we will hold the live broadcast show. We will show trailers for the top 10 entered films, interview celebrity guests, interact with a celebrity co host who will stream in for the duration (last year we had the Twisted Twins themselves, the Soska Sisters!), showcase a short film, and announce our winners.

Our venue will be much improved over last year. We will have professional equipment, a skilled camera operator, high speed internet, and a 70″ TV screen for trailers, short film, and our guests and co host.

Want to enter your eligible film? Send us a message using the site Contact Form!

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  • Josh
    2 January 2016 at 12:49 am - Reply

    Our zombie flick, “Escape from the Dead” got accepted to this, and we can’t wait! Best of luck to all the entrants! JB