Anthology Submission: “GODS OF DEATH”

by Paranoia Pam

Where are you? She whimpered through unmoving lips. Silence was the only answer. Her mind reeled at this, refusing to cope with the idea that at this moment she was alone.

So, she closed her eyes and let the colours behind her lids swirl into black, hoping the void like sight would be welcoming enough.

Nothing yet.

Then, her mind slowly separated, the gates to hell drawing apart to allow all she kept within to flood forth, a maelstrom of cacophonous voices ready to leap at, and eviscerate her throat.

Now they would come.

It started as a whisper, slithering through each crevice of her brain, and unhindered grew louder and louder until she knew the words perfectly. “I knew you wouldn’t be gone long.” A smile cracked her face at last, finding her voice to repeat those perfect words, “I pray to thee, gods of death. Give me thy strength to visit thy realm.”

At first, she knew fear, but as the words repeated their mesmerizing dance the fear died along with the silence she so abhorred. Over and over she sang this mantra, the power of the words consuming every muscle twitch, “I pray to thee, gods of death! Give me strength to visit thy realm! I pray to thee, gods of death! Give me strength to visit thy realm! “

Finally, the jar snapped open, the rotten prize inside rancid and waiting. This was it, she knew. If it was not her time the jar would not have yielded. Quickly, she ingested the fleshy pink mushroom, a twinge of regret plucking at her heart.


No regrets now.

At last, she was final, absolute. She was all and she was nothing. She laid back on her bed, “Come to me, gods of death for I have strength to enter thy realm!”

Her crescendo pierced through the walls that watched blankly intent as her eyes drifted away from the pain of life fleeting.

Her heart raced with elation, knowing that the blackness she had longed for would be eternally hers and no one else’s. Yes, she was selfish. It was all hers now. The nothing was all hers.

“Come to me… Gods of death.. For I have strength to… Enter thy realm… Come to… Me… Gods… Of death… For I have strength.. To enter….. “


Dear Readers, Film Phreak here. Hope you enjoyed Paranoia Pam’s second submission to our forthcoming anthology. Reminder: We need your submissions! Short stories, screenplay excerpts, novel excerpts, short novellas, art, photos, poetry, essays – anything dark we can print. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, noir, pulp, you name it. Up to three submissions per person. All artists will keep the rights to their work and will receive one contributor copy, physical or digital. Email submissions and quesions to

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