Ashley J. Williams: The Doctor Who of the Horror Genre

Time-travelling, dimension hopping badasses!

Evil Dead: the most successful horror franchise of all time, spawning 3 sequels, toys, video games, and a slew of comic books. The most amazing indie film story in history.

Dr. Who: the longest running TV series in history, spawning all of the same. One of the greatest sci fi series of all time.

Evil Dead focuses on the character Ashley J. Williams (with the exception of the latest sequel which took place in the same continuity but a different dimension where, as far as we can tell, Ash does not exist), a store clerk trapped in a never-ending battle against the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Dr. Who focuses on The Doctor, one of the few remaining members of the Time Lord race, he adventures through time in his TARDIS battling many evil foes.

Not much in common, right? …Or is there? Let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Signature paraphernalia:
either Ash nor The Doctor travel empty handed. They both carry tools that they use to fight their battles. Ash has his chainsaw, modified to fit on the stub of his missing hand, and his boomstick, a twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington, S-Mart’s top of the line.

The Doctor utilizes his sonic screwdriver, a multi tool with many different functions including opening locks and operating computers.

2. More than meets the eye:
Ash might appear to just be a dorky loser from the housewares department, but he’s actually an inventive genius. Using items just lying around in a shed, he created his custom chainsaw which fits on his stub and can be started one-handed. More impressively, he invented a fully functioning prosthetic arm out of a knight’s gauntlet and a war machine out of his car using only the resources available to him in the middle ages.

The Doctor, too, appears like nothing too much out of the ordinary. But he is one of the last members of an alien species and is hundreds of years old.

3. Enemies recognizable just by signature lines:
Swallow your soul!
‘Nuff said.

4. Favored modes of transportation:
Ash is never seen without his ’73 Delta 88 Oldsmobile. It appeared in the first film, traveled to the middle ages with him, and made it back to the present day. This car has seen more mileage than any other. Ash has modded it and the car features as many scars as Ash himself, machete cuts and dents covering its body sporadically.

Everyone knows about The Doctor’s TARDIS, the Time And Relative Dimension In Space. What looks like an old style police call box is in fact enormous on the inside and capable of travelling through time. It is not only The Doctor’s mode of transportation, it is also his base of operations.

5. Destined to be alone:
When Ash was forced to kill his possessed girlfriend, it set a trend for his relationships. Women have come and gone for the Chosen One, but fate always conspires against him. Whether left behind in the past, killed, or using him, no woman has lasted long as a romantic interest for Ash.

The Doctor is hundreds of years old. He will outlive any companion. This thought is present in his mind as he travels with select few humans, always to eventually leave them back home.

6. Masters of time and space:
Whether it’s utilizing the Necronomicon or the TARDIS, both the Chosen One and the Last Time Lord have travelled up and down history and even to other dimensions, battling evil where ever they go.

And this, dear reader, is why Ashley J. Williams is the Doctor Who of horror.

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