Battlefield 5 Back To Its’ Military Roots

EA's Battlefield 5 will not be cops and robbers

Earlier today EA released information regarding their future with the Battlefield franchise.

Many fans expressed their concern over the last few months about EA’s new direction with the Battlefield franchise. This March we will be seeing Battlefield in a whole new way. We will not in be in the heavy duty army style like we normally see in Battlefield, instead we will be robbing banks and shooting robbers. As fans felt this would be a great DLC instead of a full game. EA is still pushing for fans to try the new title.

Well after listening, they have decided to make Battlefield 5 military themed once again. CEO Andrew Wilson states that Battlefield 5 will not be released until 2016 so there is enough time for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 to have breathing room to grow and expand with fans.

I am excited and afraid of what EA is doing with this franchise. To me a new take in the Cops and Robbers idea might be pretty cool and be an interesting idea. Then again we have seen EA try to take a franchise in another direction and bellies up (Medal of Honor *cough cough). I personally wouldn’t mind seeing another Bad Company title on next gen.

So as we wait for March we will see if Battlefield steals the show or gets shot down by the robbers.

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