BEING: A new SciFi film staring Lance Henriksen

How does human society break down when the beliefs that we cling to no longer apply?

Lance Henriksen and Robert John Burke are slated to star in the crowd-funded SciFi/horror film BEING. This cerebral thriller needs $55,000 to begin filming.

In addition to terrifying, otherworldly creatues, BEING poses existential questions: why do people cling to authoritarian religious beliefs? What happens when those beliefs can no longer explain the phenomena we experience?

The specifics of the plot have been closely guarded so far, but it is known that the film begins with a party held at an isolated farmhouse.  A strange light emanates from the barn and the power goes out. When the partygoers investigate, terror ensues.

How does human society break down when the beliefs that we cling to in order to make sense of the world no longer apply? When we are no longer isolated from our deepest fears, how will we behave?

These questions will be explored in BEING. Check out the Kickstarter by clicking HERE.

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