The Best Romantic Horror films for Date Night

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”


Valentines Day is getting close, and this time of year I start thinking warmly about all the great romantic horror films out there. Red is the color of love, and of course blood, right? How perfect!

I have compiled a list that covers quite a few of the horror sub genres and make my black heart beat a little faster. There are so many good ones to pick from- I had a hard time just making a top 15 list!

This is not in any way all the romantic horror flicks out there- but just a few of my personal favorites. I hope that you find here a few romantic horror films that you haven’t seen before, if not, ones to watch again with someone you love. Enjoy!

15) Spring (2015)

What happens when a boy finds out that the girl he has fallen for, might not be who he thinks she is? What if she isn’t even human? Evan, a boring, but likeable guy, escapes his dead-end life by taking off to Italy where he meets the beautiful Louise. Even though we fear that this relationship is too good to be true, that love in any case is usually fleeting, we want them to be together. Can Louise fall in love and become truly mortal forever? An emotional, funny and original creature story, Spring is a perfect combination of bittersweet romance, dark humor and horror.

14) Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

This Academy Award winning film is on literally everyone else’s horror romance list, so I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen it. If not, do so. It is a terrific film and there is always a lot of romance and blood in any version of Dracula. Falling in love with someone who is the living version of your dead wife from 100’s of years ago is incredibly romantic. Even if that means you want to turn her into a vampire.

13) May (2002)

May is a psychological horror film that follows a lonely young woman with a horrible childhood. May wants to connect with people around her and even falls in love, but when she is not loved back things go badly for the objects of her obsession. The way she looks at it is, if you can’t find the perfect friend or lover, make one! This is a film that you can’t help but love to pieces!

12) Let the Right One In (2008)

 In this wonderful Swedish horror film we meet Oskar, a bullied 12-year-old boy. When he meets his new neighbor Eli, he has no idea who or what she is. But after all the help she gives him by kicking his bullies in the ass- it’s no wonder he falls in love. I think their first kiss was much more romantic than anything in the sparkling Twilight films. This is a low budget vampire film with a lot of heart. And blood.

11) The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

This film is truly the ultimate love story. Dr. Anton Phibes was thought to be killed in a car crash on the way to be by the side of his sick wife Victoria. He didn’t die though and was left monstrously disfigured. The great Vincent Price plays the psychotic doctor who simply misses his beloved wife. Using the ten biblical plagues as his inspiration, he takes revenge on the medical team that he holds responsible for
her death. No horror movie list is complete without this iconic actor included.

10) An American Werewolf in London (1981)

This classic werewolf tale broke the mold for Special FXs and is one of my favorite horror films of all time. Friends Jack and David are attacked by a werewolf on the moors in England and Jack is killed. David ends up in the hospital, but soon realizes that something is very wrong. In between changing into a werewolf at every full moon, and meeting up with his now undead friend Jack, David manages to fall in love and move in with his nurse from the hospital. Nurse Alex really cares about him but ultimately, even though she loves him, she can’t do anything to help.
A cult classic horror comedy full of one liners,I always found this to be a great date-night flick.

9) Mandy (2018)

So what is romantic about Nicholas Cage going berserk? Well everything! Mandy is a film that is going to put people in one camp or the other- this is a love it or hate it kind of horror experience. A film that should almost be in its own psychedelic horror sub-genre, I was surprised how much I loved it. Of course, there were moments that I almost felt like someone had slipped me a hallucinogenic before I started watching, but I was so mesmerized that all I could do was continue the acid-trip like journey. Watching what he does to avenge the brutal murder of his wife is true horror love at its finest.

8) Natural Born Killers (1994)

There is nothing that cries Valentines Day more then our Bonnie and Clyde style couple Mickey and Mallory. A controversial film about two serial killers that get high and just kill for kicks, there is a sympathy we have for the characters because of their abusive upbringings. This pitch-black satire shows how the media can glorify such terrible behavior. Despite them being mass murderers, Mickey and Mallory touched my black heart. And with such an incredible cast, this is a romantic film not to miss.

7) The Fly (1986)

I liked the 1958 version with Vincent Price, but one of my favorite films from the 80’s is David Cronenberg’s The Fly. Overall a near perfect horror film, I love the romance between the journalist and the nerdy scientist. After our scientist, Seth, accidentally clones himself with a fly and starts horrifically changing, it is obvious no matter how they feel about each other, the love affair between him and the reporter will never be. The graphic transformation of Seth into a fly is a masterpiece of body horror. Everyone changes in a relationship but turning into a fly would be
too much metamorphosis for any girlfriend to deal with.

6) Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

This film might be a bit slow for some people, but it is worth the watch. I suppose not truly a horror film since the only real blood you will see is being drank out of a glass, but this beautiful, entrancing vampire film is a testament of true and everlasting love. The cast, the locations, really everything is incredible and a literal feast for the eyes. This is one of my favorite romance films period.

5) Zombie Honeymoon (2004) 

Danny and Denise are madly in love. On their honeymoon Danny is attacked by a zombie at the beach who barfs blood into his mouth. Danny dies at the scene, but then his eyes pop open and he seems fine. Eventually he starts decomposing and begins craving human flesh. Still the loving wife, Denise continues to protect and take care of her husband’s grotesque dining needs. How long can true love last when you must kill for the one you love?
This is a romantically tragic love story and a very funny black comedy to boot.

4) Piercing (2018)

As you are watching this you might say, “What, this is a love story?” Well, yes maybe a date night for psychopaths, but keep watching and you will see what I mean. This is a strange, stylish, hallucinogenic and extremely gory tale. Planning to murder a prostitute, Reed hires Jackie and meets someone as messed up as he is. In this whole crazy world, they found each other. Left open ended we will never know how they do, but it is a romantic match made in hell in any case.

3) The Sixth Sense (1999)

If you have never seen this film, you need to sit down and see it now! I know most people look at it as the film where the kid “sees dead people”, but it’s so much more than that! This is a romance from beginning to end, even if you don’t get it at first. When Bruce Willis’s character says to his wife she was never second, and that he loves her, I burst into tears every time! So damn romantic!
And lots of amazing ghost stories too!

2) Crimson Peak (2015)

I can’t imagine a list about romantic horror without a film by Guillermo Del Toro on it. One of the most beautiful horror films I have ever seen, Crimson Peak is a Gothic tale about love from beyond the grave. Having been warned years ago by her dead mother to beware Crimson Peak, innocent Edith falls in love with the mysterious Thomas. After her father is brutally killed, she marries Thomas and travels with him and his creepy sister Lucille, to their strange, self-destructing mansion. Almost too late Edith figures out why the two siblings brought her to the house, named Crimson Peak.
Love and deception are at the core of this twisted ghostly tale.

1) Warm Bodies (2013)

Being the zombie lover that I am, it is no surprise that the horror comedy Warm Bodies, tops my list of favorite romantic horror films. One of the most basic problems with zombie films is that little by little our protagonists lose everyone they love to whatever causes the zombie curse to take place. Then these poor souls are left alone with shuffling, growling flesh craving monsters, who just want to eat them. Not very romantic. In this film, it is completely the opposite. A cute zombie boy who I’ll call Romeo, is infatuated with a cute human girl named Julie. Her dad doesn’t approve, but they fall in love anyway. These feelings slowly restart his heart and he is on the road to becoming human again, along with many of the other zombies. Love’s kiss brings him back to life and humanity! It’s about the most perfect romance story ever. Warm Bodies has a great cast and some truly funny characters. The only flaw is some not-so-great CGI creatures, but if you see no other zombie films ever for romance, this is the one.

Happy Valentines day, my horror fiends!

Runner ups that had to still be on the list:

King Kong (1933) – The one that started it all. This is the romance of all romances, but unfortunately a bit one sided. No matter which version you see – King Kong is the big boy of love!

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – What is more romantic than someone creating the perfect bride for you from scratch?

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – I adore this animated classic so much and have watched it more times than almost any other film. The romance between Jack Skellington and Sally is just so special that I have to mention it here.

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