Betrayed: Scream Episode 6 Recap & Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The episode starts off with a rather romantic moment between Kieran and Emma after the duo just finished making love. Emma, high off her recent romance, tells Kieran to take her to Brandon’s house to face her fears. Upon arrival, the house looks pretty damn creepy, with an abandoned, sad looking outer shell to it. When they began to look inside, Emma discovers a fresh Daisy flower sitting on a table making the realization that the killer has been there. Suddenly, Kieran mysteriously disappears and Emma receives a phone call from the killer. The killer taunts her, and then appears, tackling Emma to the ground. Emma reaches for the mask and rips it off to discover, the killer is herself. Then, of course, Emma wakes up and it was all a dream– still was a nice opening scene though.

Emma stumbles upon something awkward that morning, finding her mom and the sheriff making out. (Anyone else find it weird the parents and children both had sex the same night?) Any who, next we cut to Noah who informs Audrey that he really can’t find any sort of past for Mr. Branson– making it certain that Branson changed his name to hide some sort of a dark past.

Emma’s mother, Maggie trying to defend her beau Sheriff Clark who was recently placed on leave is at the police station when she is told she missed some important evidence that links some one to the killer’s mask. The evil Detective Brock informs Maggie that the suspect’s been right under their noses all along– Audrey.


In the middle of English class, police officers and detectives walk in to take Audrey in for questioning. Brock who is ruthless with her questions and accusations tells Audrey her DNA was found inside of the Brandon James mask. Brock also wants to know where the SD card from the night of Nina’s murder is and Audrey tells her she doesn’t have it. When Audrey’s dad and Brock step outside of the questioning room, Audrey quickly and stealthy calls Emma and asks her to go to her house and destroy the aforementioned SD card.

Emma and Noah sneak off to Audrey’s house and break in moments before police arrive. Emma grabs the SD card and makes her escape right before Brock walks in. As Noah and Emma are discussing the card and what to do with it, Emma receives a phone call from her mother telling her she needs to go to the police station to meet with Detective Brock.

Brock tries getting Emma to admitting she had something to do with the missing card and she knew that Audrey called her. Emma lies and finds her way back to Noah’s work. Noah and Emma watch the SD card (finally!) and what they discover greatly worries them. In the video, Audrey is very pissed off, trash-talking Nina and threatening to do something to her. In the background, we hear Rachel trying to calm Audrey down before the videos cuts off.

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Later that night Maggie takes Emma to where she grew up. The house was located right next to Brandon’s and Maggie tells Emma that Brandon was her best friend growing up. Emma makes it clear that she really did not believe Brandon was the one who was behind the massacre years ago, and that if she knows in her heart that Audrey wasn’t guilty then she should follow it.

Inspired by her mother’s words, Emma goes to the police station and tells detectives that she was the one that night that stopped Audrey from following through with anything against Nina which gets Audrey off the hook. Audrey later tells Emma that the reason she kept the implicating video was that it was one of the last videos she had of Rachel.

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Will meets up with the mayor in an abandoned warehouse to give him the money and the video of the mayor dragging something that looks like a body out of his trunk. After the mayor leaves, Piper (the podcaster) emerges from the back ready to make a new story with Will. Suddenly, they hear noises coming from behind them and try to make an escape. The pair soon finds out they are trapped and locked inside.

The killer than appears out of nowhere, stabs Will and Piper is knocked to the ground and hits her head. The killer stands over a bleeding out Will who looks terrified as the killer looks like he’s about to finish him off. The killer than drags Will away and the episode ends.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. There was a lot going on to hold your attention and the ending was quite disturbing. I am very intrigued as to what happens next and if Will is going to make it. As for who the killer is, I still have no frickin’ idea but if I had to guess, I am thinking it could be Maggie. I know, I know, pretty far fetched but to me it would make sense. Maggie could have been defending Brandon years ago, and committed the murders. Let me make myself clear though, I don’t think Maggie is the killer of the present but just the one of the past. I think that some one discovered Maggie was the one behind the murders of the past and now is after her and her family to seek revenge. Perhaps Maggie may have even murdered her ex to keep her secret safe. In any event, it’s just a theory but let me know if anyone else has some of their own in the comment section below!

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