Bill Moseley to play cannibalistic clown in “Crepitus”

Everyone loathes a clown!

News has broke that upcoming indie horror film Crepitus is to star horror icon Bill Moseley as the titular Crepitus the cannibalistic clown!

Crepitus, directed by Haynze Whitmore and written by the team of Eddie and Sarah Renner, tells the story of a brother and sister living with their abusive mother. To make matter worse, they move into the old home of their deceased Grandfather. There, they encounter horrible secrets about their family history and encounter the sadistic Crepitus the clown.

Oh, hey, and you want some nightmare fuel? Check this out.

You’re welcome.

More deets on the film can be found at it’s IMDB and Facebook pages. And the Indiegogo, while fully funded, is still going if you want to snag some last minute perks!

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