‘Bloody Gras’ from The Drunken Devil will be a night of debauchery you will never forget

Can't get to Mardi Gras? Try Bloody Gras- a Horror-Themed Mardi Gras show and party

Be forewarned mortals; it is the Devil’s party, and dark mischief is afoot!  Drunken Devil, an entertainment company in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on horror-infused nightlife events, is producing a new, one-night-only party, inspired by both the hedonism of Mardi Gras, and the seedy history of New Orleans in the early 1900’s. So Voila, Bloody Gras is born! Your Los Angeles Zombie Girl already has her tickets and hopes to see you there!

Last year, Drunken Devil shifted its format from creating haunted attractions to producing raucous parties, first with the disco inferno-themed L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque at Superchief Gallery, followed by the sold-out Halloween event, The Witches’ Ball, which took place in a historic ballroom overlooking Downtown Los Angeles. Now, the company seeks to cement its place as a not-to-be-missed, LA nightlife staple with a bawdy new Mardi Gras soirée, integrating burlesque, live music, disco, free-flowing booze, and immersive horror theatre, at a gallery in the Arts District of Down Town Los Angeles.

Bloody Gras will begin at 8:00pm on Saturday, February 25, 2017. As guests arrive at the event, they will pass through a darkened bayou and find themselves immersed in a booze-soaked jazz club in the throes of a debauched Mardi Gras celebration. Revelers will be invited to partake in an open bar, featuring traditional New Orleans cocktails and wine, as well as beer provided by Peroni, and coffee-whiskey by Fliquor Bean.

Further into the gallery, guests can snap a photo at an interactive photo booth, be mystified by strolling magicians, Drunken Devil alumni Micah Cover (The Magic Castle) and Scott Michael (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor), and witness dangerous freakshow antics by sword-swallower Whodini Driftwood or sideshow performer Twirly the Clown (both former performers at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor).

At 9:00pm, a Dixieland band takes the stage, providing a festive atmosphere reminiscent of the 1920’s, inviting guests to dance with the Devil. In between sets, jazz-fueled burlesque shows will occur, featuring resident performer Scarlette Fox, Drunken Devil alum Madeline Sinclaire (Bang Boom Bash), and Jessabelle Thunder (Tease, If You Please).

Throughout the evening, an immersive, theatrical piece, revolving around the infamous Axeman of New Orleans, will take place. Guests, should they choose to, will be able to participate in a terror-tinged narrative as they attempt to banish the serial killer’s evil spirit, through a series of puzzles and character interactions. Clues will be scattered throughout the venue, and, as the evening goes on, various characters at the party will disappear, taken by the Axeman’s ungodly weapon.


At 11:00pm, in traditional Drunken Devil fashion, the lights of the stage will be replaced by the glitter of a mirror ball, as DJ Stacy Christine, of Shits & Giggles and Bears in Space, will spin demonic disco tunes to close the evening.

Bloody Gras will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2017, at Werkartz in the Arts District – 927 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, 90021. Doors open at 8:00pm, and the event concludes at 1:00am. Previous Drunken Devil events have sold out and tickets, which are $75.00 and all-inclusive, will go quickly.

This event is 21+. As always, the Drunken Devil invites his guests to dress to impress; attire should reflect the hedonism of jazz clubs and Mardi Gras, circa 1920.

Tickets available at the Drunken Devil website

More info is always available on their Facebook page too! 

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