Blu-Ray Review: The Human Movie Centipede Tom Six Edition Steelbook

Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth, times hundred


Even if you haven’t seen any of the Human Centipede films, you’ve at least heard of them. In each film a demented madman ends up sewing a chain of people together ass to mouth. Now, for the first time, all three films are connected together like a centipede to form one four and a half hour epic. Part one is a beautiful story of friendship between two American girls traveling in Germany. They are kidnapped by Dr. Heiter (played by the excellent and creepy German actor Dieter Laser), a retired surgeon specializing in separating conjoined twins, who has trouble relating to human beings. He just doesn’t like them. This is why he must make his own creations. He starts by connecting his three rottweilers together via the gastric system (ass to mouth) and moves on to connecting the American girls to the ass of a Japanese man, creating the first ever three person centipede. The First Sequence has a muted, clinical tone to the colors. I think the rear of the centipede, Jenny (played by Ashlynn Yennie), has it the worst. It must be a special kind of horror, to be slowly dying on all fours with nothing but the taste of your best friend’s puss filled infected asshole to keep you company while you are humiliated and beat across the back with a cane. The girls constantly hold hands throughout the ordeal, symbolizing their friendship. Perhaps mercifully, Lindsey (the middle girl) doesn’t feed Jenny because she is constipated. However, the Japanese man does feed Lindsey.


Part two is the heartbreaking tale of a mentally challenged man named Martin who has been bullied and abused all his life. His only solace lies in his obsession with the film The Human Centipede. He watches the feeding and masturbates with sandpaper. He dreams of turning the film into a reality by creating his own twelve person centipede, and turns that dream into a reality. Ashlynn Yennie returns, this time playing herself, the actress from The Human Centipede. She is moving up in the world as this time, instead of the rear, she is the centipede’s head. This one is my personal favorite of the trilogy, and contains the best set piece of the entire Movie Centipede. Martin grows tired of waiting for his centipede to shit and injects everyone in the chain with a laxative. The second part is entirely in black and white, except for the shitting scene. Director Tom Six paints the screen with a palate of rich, decadent browns, colored in much like the blood in Sin City. Martin is no trained surgeon, and his centipede is crudely stapled together, resulting in shit splattering out from between the seams. He is so turned on by this that he wraps barbed wire around his cock and rapes the entire centipede.

The Human Centipede II Full Sequence 12

Part three is an examination of the American prison system. I must admit the first time I saw part three I didn’t like it as much, but it actually works much better as the tail-end of the Movie Centipede. Its almost a parody of itself, and offers a break from the centipede action until the end, replacing the brown-eyed visuals with hilarious, albeit sometimes racist, dialogue. Bill Boss (once again played by Dieter Laser) is the warden of the most poorly run prison in America. He is sexist, abusive, violent, and cowardly when faced with a real threat. The prison has the most instances of violence, and operating costs are through the roof. Bill Boss’s boiling water boarding and castration programs don’t seem to be working. Luckily, the solution has been staring them right in the face. A five hundred plus person prison centipede composed of all the prisoners. The lifers and death row inmates have an even worse fate. Their arms and legs are chopped off and their heads sown into each other’s asses, creating the first ever Human Caterpillar. Perhaps part three is even more relevant now that Donald Trump is essentially the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Trump has said that waterboarding isn’t going far enough and that he would kill terrorists’ families. It isn’t too much of a stretch to think that Trump would consider prison centipedes a good idea. Not to mention that just like warden Bill Boss, Trump is a thin-skinned coward.


Controversial, original, imaginative: the Movie Centipede is the epitome of what indy horror should be. Every fan of indy horror owes it to themselves to watch these films, and this is the ultimate centipede release. The metallic custom steelbook case designed by Tom Six himself looks absolutely stunning. The three films are seamlessly edited together and flow expertly into one four and half hour film. A short ending is added to the whole thing that ties back around to part one. The blu-ray disc automatically repeats at the end, creating an infinite centipede loop. Three films each feeding off of the asses of each other. The quality of the disc is superb. Although a few shots in part one look a little grainy, I attribute that to the film print and not the disc. Both stereo and 5.1 surround sound are included, and both audio tracks do a good job conveying the horror. A directors commentary track is also included, however this isn’t a new commentary, its just the commentary tracks from the original releases edited together. Notable extras on disc two are The Human Centipede II in full color and a twenty minute documentary short about the life of director Tom Six. This is the first time part two has been released in color in most countries outside of the United States, and it is sure to delight gorehounds around the world. There’s nothing quite like the mixture of reds and browns that part two provides. The quality of the picture rivals that of the feature. The Tom Six doc gives insight into his decadent lifestyle and is a must for Tom Six fans. My favorite line, “Tom Six knows where to find midgets, amputees, and hookers with down’s syndrome.” Also included are a handful of deleted scenes and behind the scenes for all three productions. I only wish they had included all the extras from the previous releases. Its a good mixture of new and old, but I’ve seen a number of good interviews and casting footage that is missing from this release. Surprisingly, the deleted scenes don’t even include all previously released deleted scenes. Even still, and even if you own previous centipede releases, The Movie Centipede Tom Six Edition is a must have for fans of The Human Centipede, and horror fans in general.

Film: 4 1/2 out of 5 knives

Extras: 3 1/2 out of 5 knives

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 knives


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  • Steve Cain
    26 October 2016 at 8:53 am - Reply

    I’ve just ordered a copy although its not easy to find and I got it through Tom Six’s entertainment website. Any one out there know how many were made? it says limited edition which normally means they are only so many made and they are numbered or they are only on sale for a short while. Just curious , really enjoyed reading the article cheers Steve