BODY: A Hallowing Tale

lying, double crossing and even murder, oh my!

Families feeling the Christmas spirit. Families traveling afar to share the holidays with loved ones, and who is left behind to watch the house?.

Three college Co-ed’s;  Holly (Helen Rogers), Cali (Alexandra Turshen), and Mel (Lauren Molina), on the Eve of Christmas, make themselves comfortable in a strange mansion. It’s all fun and games until company arrives (Larry Fessenden).  “How are we going to explain us being here?.”  A rash decision leads to a freaked accident and the three women are instantly thrown into a living nightmare.


With each bad decision, their friendship is pushed to the limits and their morals are questioned.  I found myself actually talking to the screen, hoping they would make better choices.


My favorite parts were watching Cali (Alexandra Turshen), who made herself the Alpha in the group once the trouble began, she reminded me of Vicki (Eileen Davidson) From The House On Sorority Row. Cali was not necessarily the smartest but defiantly the bossiest in the group.  She is the one who comes up with a very  devious plan that includes faking a rape and self defense plot that would make any prosecutor happy to rip apart in court.


The situation might not be new, but us the viewer rarely see young women thrown in such a sticky mess. BODY might not be a blood and guts movie but with a superb cast, solid writing and great directing, I can see this becoming a new favorite around the holidays. It might even make you reconsider going out.

Body was written, produced and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. In theaters on December 11 and  VOD on December 29th.








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