Check Out Folklore Based Horror Short “Tailypo”

The perfect campfire creeper!



Red Headed Revolution and writer/director Cameron McCasland bring us Tailypo, a 15-minute horror short based on Appalachian legends of a ravenous cat-like beast with glowing eyes. It’s the perfect around-the-campfire story, the kind of creeper that keeps kids shivering awake in their tents all night—and McCasland succeeds in creating this ambiance.

The tale of an old forest hermit and his hound-dog Jasper isn’t flashy, but it’s great storytelling with perfect pacing and spooky suspense. Their peaceful solitude is shattered after the old man shoots at something in the forest, severing its tail—which, of course, he eats. The creature FX are retro but effective and will resonate with fans of 80’s serial horror shows like Tales from the Dark Side.

While not necessarily a candidate for a feature film adaptation, it would be perfect in a high quality horror anthology. The Gollum-esque Tailypo has a blood-chilling refrain that’ll give your goosebumps goosebumps! Check it out!

What did you think of McCasland’s Tailypo? Are you familiar with the folklore? Sound off in the comments section!

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