Comet TV Brings on the Freaky Feast Movie Marathon for Thanksgiving

The Blood-Shed teams up with Comet TV to get you some awesome giveaways!

I just recently discovered COMET TV on my Roku and I love it! You don’t need a subscription for COMET- It’s Free!

On Thanksgiving Day, COMET TV has The Freaky Feast Movie Marathon featuring Superbeast, The Incredible Melting Man, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, The Video Dead, The Beast Within and Creature. More fun on Thanksgiving than getting the big half of the wishbone!

The Blood-Shed is teaming up with COMET TV to give you girls and guys the chance to win some really cool old-school goodies! November is here and what better time to think about friends, family and feasts? This month COMET TV is dishing out all kinds of supernatural goodness! And they want to give you the opportunity to have a Freaky Feast of your own all month long! You could win the COMET TV November Freaky Feast Pack. It’s perfect for a Horror-iffic gathering!

Here is what you do to win: Click here to go to The Blood-Shed Facebook Page. Like, share and let us know why you should win. Hashtag #TheBloodShedNovCometGiveaway. We will randomly pick a winner on Thanksgiving Day! (Giveaway open to the US Only)




Thursday, November 23 starting at 10A/9C

Thanksgiving Day (November 23, starting at 10A/9C), COMET TV is cranking up the heat in the kitchen with Freaky Feast Movie Marathon featuring Superbeast, The Incredible Melting Man, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, The Video Dead, The Beast Within and Creature. Tune in for perfect pass-the-cranberry-sauce scenery.

Superbeast (1972)

starting at 10A/9C

Incredible Melting Man (1978)

starting at NOON/11C

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)

starting at 2P/1C

The Video Dead (1986)

starting at 4P/3C

The Beast Within (1982)

starting at 6P/5C

Creature (1985)

starting at 8P/7C


November Weekly Themes

Airing weekdays at 4P/3C throughout November,

check schedule at

Werewolves (11/6 – 11/10)

Vampires (11/13 – 11/17)

Ghosts (11/20 – 11/24)

Interplanetary Romance (11/27 – 12/1)


November Friday Night Movies

Friday Primetime Movie 8P/7C

Saturday Encore Presentation 8P/7C


Cowboys VS Dinosaurs (2015)

Friday, November 3 at 8P/7C

Cowboys VS Vampires (2013)

Friday, November 10 at 8P/7C

Starman (1984)

Friday, November 17 at 8P/7C

Deep Space (1987)

Friday, November 24 at 8P/7C




Classic Space Opera is coming to COMET! Based on materials from sci-fi legend Gene Roddenberry, Andromeda stars all action hero Kevin Sorbo as the Captain of the Andromeda Ascendant, a highly advanced ship whose crew is charged with restoring power and stability to the Systems Commonwealth. But, to succeed the Andromeda crew must battle one of sci-fi’s weirdest looking bad guys….the sinister Magog!

Weekdays at 2P/1C and 10P/9C


Stargate: Atlantis

If you thought gate-hopping action was fun in the Milky Way, just wait until you see what it’s like in the Pegasus Galaxy. Stargate: Atlantis sees a team of international scientists unlocking the secrets of a legendary ancient city, discovering a whole new stargate network in a whole new galaxy, and bringing them face to face with the Wraith, a powerful enemy who are best summed up with the term ‘Evil Space Vampires’!

Weekdays at 3P/2C and 11P/10C


Watch Comet TV for Free! Be sure to follow Comet TV on Twitter and Facebook for announcements, giveaways, and more!





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