Comic Book Spotlight: Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors

The slasher fan's wet dream

This comic is a masterpiece for fans of the slasher genre. It is a slasher fan’s wet dream, written as a fanboy’s story, designed after thecrisis stories from DC comics.


Freddy vs Jason vs Ash ended with Freddy sucked into the Deadite dimension and Jason frozen at the bottom of an iced over Crystal Lake. Ash, on the other hand, went off and put it all behind him. He hung up his chainsaw and tried to settle down with fellow survivor from the FvJvA series, Caroline.

Six months later, a government team drags Jason out of the lake for research and also obtains the Necronomicon which was frozen in the ice as well. The latter is a successful acquisition, the latter, well, he wakes up. Jason Slaughters the agents left at the site and makes a bee line for Ash. Meanwhile, the government uses the Necronomicon to return Freddy to this dimension, hoping to make him teach them how to use the Book of the Dead. All the pieces are set for the epic finale to the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St storylines.

The first Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic was based on a screenplay. It was intended to be a movie, a sequel to Freddy vs Jason. This? This could never be a movie. The budget would be astronomical. Why? Let me paint you a picture: Freddy as a god leading an army of Deadites, with a rejuvenated Jason as their general, against Washington DC and the entire US military. The latter kind of get their ass handed to them. So, who saves the day? The titular Nightmare Warriors! A team put together of all the survivors from every Nightmare and Friday film. This means the return of characters like Tina, the telekinetic girl who thrashed Jason in Friday part 7 and Alice, the Dream Master. Oh, and did I mention that Tommy Jarvis is back and he’s a badass bent on leading a one man war on Jason Voorhees? And all of these guys are led by none other than Ashley J. Williams, the Chosen One.

The comic is amazing! It is written with love and care and you know that the writers knew their source material. Every bit of mythos from Freddy and Jason is incorporated: Freddy’s mother, the dream demons, Jason’s inability to be killed by anyone but family, it’s all in there. And when the smoke clears, all the loose ends ends are tied up. With the old franchises being replaced with remakes now, we’ll never see old Freddy or Jason again. This comic, this masterpiece written for the fans and by the fans, concludes both stories with a sense of finality that finally gives satisfaction. It’s one hell of a trip!

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