CONTEST: Can you guess the correct American Horror Story trailer?

Which is real and which are red herrings?

AHS season 6 is almost here and no one but the people involved know what the theme is. There have been a total of 19 trailers of conflicting nature released and we have been told only one of them is legit. This can further be narrowed down to 6 trailers from this Mercedes-Benz contest.

“Post Op”


“Wind Chimes”

“The Shadow”

“Blind Date”

“Camp Sight”

So, why not do our own little contest? In short, I want to play a game. Of the 6 trailers above, one is real. I don’t know which one, you don’t know which one. If you go to our contact form and guess and you guess correctly, you will win a digital subscription for the entire 4 issue run of TheBlood-Shed’s very own record breaking horror comic, We Kill The Dead! This is not a drawing. Every single person who guesses the correct trailer will win the free digital subscription! Only one guess per person.

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