Creep Los Angeles takes you on a terrifying trip into the darkness of a tormented soul

“It's dark outside, but sometimes it’s darker on the inside.”
Courtesy Hatbox Photography

Creep Los Angeles – One of LA’s premiere haunt experiences, has really done it again. The creeps have brought us a brand new story for year two; a unique, tension-filled, multi-sensory, interactive experience! One of the things that sets CreepLA apart from other experiences is the laid back timing. No rushing you through with a long line of guests, after waiting in a huge queue for hours. From the moment you enter the building you are surrounded by soft, dramatic lighting and eerie music. The total journey for your group could last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes! The characters met along the way stare, grimace, laugh, play with and challenge you. Our new friends invite us into their world and immediately we become part of the show.

Inspired by the story of LA artist Erebus Burwyck, here is what Creep LA’s website says: “In the 1970s, a controversial artist named Erebus Burwyck set out to explore the dark side of humanity and express it through his art, in the process unlocking something much deeper and more terrifying than he ever could have imagined. In 1974, Erebus disappeared from public view, spawning a cult-like following in his absence… a following intent on spreading his legacy and sharing what he found in the dark. CreepLA invites guests to enter the mind of this tormented artist. Get lost inside a world of twisted art and intimate terror, and uncover the darkness that CREEPs within us all.”


Courtesy Hatbox Photography


Telling you very much about this amazing and original haunt would just be wrong. In the waiting room, which is similar to a speakeasy full of interesting guests, we were offered a drink, and in this relaxed, intimate environment learned the history of Erebus Burwyck. There we met a number of dark characters, some we would get to know well. From the first moment you are immersed. Each person that goes through gets a different experience, then even the person who walked in next to them. That’s what makes it so special- you feel like it is for you alone. (As the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!) During the walk through the haunt, some guests are spirited away early or later turn to see that they find themselves alone with the creeps and have to fend for themselves. Each vignette encountered is beautiful and well thought out. The acting is frightening at times, then soothing, then scary again; reaching out to all of our senses. At the end, when we were all back together, sharing our separate and individual journey within was part of the fun. What was real and what was part of the show?


Courtesy Hatbox Photography

What I can say about CreepLa is that it rocked, and that if you are anywhere near the Los Angeles area, you have to go check this out! I embraced my inner darkness and came out the other side rejuvenated and so ready for the Halloween season to begin. CreepLA is so unique, so creative and an experience you just shouldn’t miss. You will be creeped out, that is the point. But be patient and it will all be revealed.

“CreepLA is also thrilled to announce their collaboration with Crypt TV and their philanthropic partner, The Art of Elysium. A percentage of the proceeds from the CreepLA will benefit The Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that features programs designed to help those in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges through creative exploration and expression.  They bring artists into communities of need in Los Angeles, allowing them to share their personal journeys of creativity with individuals of these areas and inspire them to move forward in their own.”

“CreepLA creeped me out in every way possible and I loved it! Go to CreepLA!!”
Los Angeles Zombie Girl

Information or tickets for Creep Los Angeles:
Address: 2316 N. San Fernando Rd. in Los Angeles
Website, Facebook


Due to the performance structure of CREEP, a limited amount of tickets are available per every 30 minute window. These time frames are to limit the amount of wait time prior to entering the attraction.

Recommendations: Pre-purchased tickets and reservation are highly suggested. Onsite ticket sales end 30 minutes prior to closing unless sell out occurs earlier.


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