Dustin Mills Limited Edition Combo Blu Rays go on sale tomorrow!

Limited quantity 2-packs of blood-drenched awesome

The mad genius known as Dustin Mills, creator of such indie gems as “The Hornet’s Sting and the Hell It’s Caused,” “Her Name Was Torment,” and “Skinless” is offering people the chance to catch up on his filmography! Tomorrow, 10/23, he is launching a collection of 2-pack Blu Rays of his films, packed with extras! The catch? Very limited quantities, so jump on them while you can!

From the press release:

Dustin Mills Productions and Crumpleshack films are offering up 5 ghoulish and ghastly 2-disc Blu-Ray double features this Halloween! From slashers to monsters to science run amok! You’ll find creatures, blood, and boobs galore in this selection of indie horror treats.

Starring indie horror superstars like Brandon Salkil, Erin R. Ryan, Dave Parker, Allison Egan, Joni Durian and After Dark’s 2015 Scream Queen Award Winner Haley Jay Madison.

All films are presented in glorious 1080p HD with special features that range from director’s commentary to behind the scenes featurettes.

Choose from

The Puppet Monster Massacre & Easter Casket
Zombie A-Hole & Kill That Bitch

Heart Attack & Skinless
Her Name Was Torment & Snuffet
The Hornet’s Sting & Applecart

They are all $19.99 a piece and are only available for a limited time while supplies last. This is a special Halloween event and a great way for new fans to catch up on the DMP Crumpleshack filmography in beautiful HD.

Also available:

Invalid: The new Psycho-Incestual genre-bender that is being hailed as a masterpiece by the fans.

A Black Heart In White Hell: The bizarre black and white mindfuck in HD. Full of gore, monsters, and full frontal explicit nudity.

Where can you find these awesome indie horror films? Go to http://dmp.storenvy.com/collections/1213545-halloween-2015-double-features
Happy Halloween!
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