Easter Bunny Vs. God

DIRECTED by Dustin Wayde Mills

STARRING Josh Eal, Erin R. Ryan & Peter Cottontail

4 Knives

THE STORY: The Easter Bunny rebels against God himself!


You like chick fights? This one has a chick fight. There’s a priest too. And sex. Violence, as well. Like in the chick fight. A priest who battles demons finds himself at one point assaulted by a villainous flock of those little yellow sticky mallow candy chicks they put out at Easter (with their companion pink bunnies). The flock of gooey death was launched by the Easter Bunny himself, about whose identity there is more than you think. This again gives Dustin Wayde Mills room to play with his puppeteering skills. Mills is amazing with his puppet craft. He’s also a master at taking seriously ridiculous material and making the audience take it seriously too. This is, in fact, a grim-toned film, even if it does involve the Easter Bunny’s all-out war on God. Sure there’s humor. A farcical and funny scene involves the antics of a priest trying to hide his dildo when a nun comes knocking unexpectedly. The conversation that follows is also laced with funny that has fangs. This is the kind of sharp satirical wit that lets you know you’re watching a Mills production. It’s mind-boggling the production value he gets out of his meager budgets, too. This director’s creativity seemingly knows no bounds. Singular storytelling, visual flair, uncanny DIY effects wizardrly have perfect attendance in the Mills canon roll call. Actors with strong screen presence help bring Mills’ visions to life. It doesn’t hurt that some of them are gorgeous but down-to-earth women who aren’t camera shy. Action! Blood! Violence! Sex! Boobs! Evil Puppets! Theology! Oh, yea, the theology. Mills gleefully kicks orthodox theology on its side, honing the blood-drawing satirical edge he wields. The ending is, well, HUGE. Let’s just say it would send Godzilla running for the bay. Most micro-filmmakers would have taken a comedic routed with all this material. Mills keeps the comedy but in his hands it’s a dark thing indeed. Be careful. The chuckles are bloody, and they bite. While you’re watching the tongue bulging through his cheek, Mills has put a knife in your belly.


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