Hitchcock was the master of taking his audience wherever he wanted them to go.

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Alfred Hitchcock is known for his amazing writing in both film and television. The master of suspense has won numerous awards acknowledging his accomplishments throughout his career.

From 1955 till 1962 Hitchcock produced a 25 minute television series entitled Alfred Hitchcock Presents that ran on CBS and NBC, depending on the season.

The stories contained elements of horror, suspense, mystery, and often had a plot twist at the end that jolted the audience.

Notable guest stars such as Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn have appeared on the show.

Here are eight special episodes that are a must see for every Hitchcock fan.

Don’t Come Back Alive

(Original air date 10/22/1955)

dont come back alive

A married couple in financial ruin tries to scam their life insurance company by faking the wife’s disappearance for seven years so she can be pronounced legally dead.


(Original air date 10/01/1955)


A husband seeks justice when his mentally unstable wife claims to have been attacked.

Crack of Doom

(Original air date 11/24/1956)

crack of doom

A man explains to a friend on a train the story of how his life savings and future became dependent on the turn of a card.

Never Again

(Original air date 04/21/1956)

never again

A woman awakens in a hospital with a hangover and tries to piece the events of the previous night together.

The Older Sister

(Original air date 01/21/1956)

the older sister

A reporter learns the truth about the Lizzie Borden case.

Lamb to the Slaughter

(Original air date 04/13/1958)


Originally a short story by Roald Dahl, this adaptation is a dark tale of a woman scorned by her husband.

The Right Kind of House

(Original air date 3/18/1958)


A woman fabricates a unique plan to avenge her son’s death.

Bang! You’re Dead


(Original air date 10/17/1961)

A young boy finds his uncle’s revolver, loads it, and takes it into public thinking its a toy.

In 1962 Alfred Hitchcock Presents extended to one hour. Renamed The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the show continued broadening its audience and aired for another three years.

Alfred Hitchcock was a pioneer in the industry. He developed techniques of filming that maximized anxiety, fear, and empathy. Hitchcock was the master of taking his audience wherever he wanted them to go.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is just an example of his brilliant work, it is a great place to start if you are new to him or the series.

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