End of the Road: A Thrilling & Terrifying Werewolf Short Film

A spoiler-free review of the 2015 short 'End of the Road'


End of the Road is a surprising and engaging short film, that starts off a bit weird and cheesy but in the end leaves you feeling out of breath. This grueling short stars the beautiful Tatum Langton who plays Betsy, a young waitress who encounters an odd, yet mysterious man on her way to work. The stranger saves Betsy from a crazed local and in return offers him a free dinner at the diner she works at. However, inviting the strange man was something she’d very soon regret.  5

I really enjoyed this short, it was very different and entertaining. The last few minutes were very tense and thrilling. The gore and special effects were pretty on-point as well. J. Spencer directed the film and has plans to make a full-length werewolf horror film in the near future entitled ‘Bad Meat.’

The film can be watched for free on the film makers website Unmanned Media. Check it out here.


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