Escape from Jesus Island’s “Ask the Antichrist” advice column lands on theblood-shed!

The answer to all of your questions, straight from a mutant cannibal clone of Jesus

Everyone has questions and often we ask for advice from others to help us. Many people turn to advice columns for the answers. And now is partnering with Shawn French, the writer behind indie horror comic Escape from Jesus Island to bring you the “Ask the Antichrist” advice column, featuring the words of wisdom of the one and only Yeshua, the evil twin of Jesus!

Haven’t heard of Escape from Jesus Island? Well, for one, shame be upon you. For another, think Jurassic park but, instead of cuddly velociraptors, we are presented with a horde of mutant clones of Jesus, failures in an attempt to clone Christ himself by the ReGen Corp. When they finally succeed, they are not only given Jesus but his twin, Yeshua, a being with all of Christ’s power but who is hellbent on bringing about the apocalypse.

But, rest assured, while trying to end the world is a full time job, Yeshua has found the time in his schedule and the will in his black little heart to help you with your problems. Relationships? Careers? Fights? Just day-t0-day ponderings? All you have to do is send your questions to and, after enough are received, Yeshua will help you with your problems right here on theblood-shed!

So what are you waiting for? Yeshua is waiting!

And while you’re at it, check out the more info on the comic at

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  • Michael Baldwin
    3 May 2016 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    Johnny- I’d like to ask you about your qualifications as a movie critic, also cover some questions about you slandering an Indie movie maker from San Antonio.

    Contact me when your free.