Exclusive! Preview for Escape from Jesus Island issue 4

Coming out 6/6/16!

The time has come once more. A new issue of Escape from Jesus Island is upon us. Oh? You aren’t familiar? Well, think Jurassic Park, replace all of the dinosaurs with evil, cannibalistic, mutated clones of Jesus, throw in a group of Vatican black ops troops on the island to extract the only successful clone, and stir in a heaping dump truck full of blood. Then multiply the awesomeness of your assumption by 10.

Written by Shawn French with art by Mortimer Glum, EFJI is an bloody, batshit crazy indie horror comic that horror master Clive Barker calls “almost like seeing a hyper-intense Italian movie for the first time: your mind will be blown.”

And now the 4th issue is a mere 3 days away and we’re here to give you a taste with this exclusive preview! Check it out!





Want to see what happens next? Place your order at https://jesusisland.com/ or tell your local comic shop that you want them to carry Escape from Jesus Island!



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