Fans started noticing Easter eggs – You wont believe what happened next!

It's a small world after all.

I must apologize for my ambiguous article title, but if you’re clever enough (and we know you are) then you might have surmised this article is about horror movie Easter eggs.  However it isn’t, it is about so much more.  A good Easter egg is one that isn’t out-of-place even when it is.  Noticing fourth wall breaking information, or a silent nod to another beloved yet separate franchise always gets the fanboy, or fangirl, inside us all tingly.

We all have one of these.

Sometimes, just sometimes though things that seem so different end up having such perfect ties that it’s impossible not to start connecting the dots.  Join me now on an adventure that starts with Easter eggs, evolves into Fan theories and ends in total conspiracy.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?  The first person we need to look at is none other than H.P. Lovecraft.  In case you aren’t familiar with this guy, just know without him we wouldn’t have at least half of the awesome horror we know today if not more than that.  He brought us great and terrible interstellar cosmic monstrosities that haunt our media and social networks even today.

If only other article writing sites could do the same.

Lovecraft did more than give us an eternally lying tentacle faced horror, he also laid the ground work for occultists and horror monsters alike, with his creation of the Necronomicon.  First referenced in his 1922 short story The Hound, The Book of the Dead is simply just not for the living, and that is what makes it so perfect and adaptable to so many stories.  Lovecraft handed rights to use his mythos out more often than an ice cream store with those little plastic spoons hands out free samples.

Imagine this, only with bite-sized dollops of terror.”

Because of this, the Necronomicon’s own mythos has been expanded upon allowing it to be used for so much evil, if it were a Costco item, you would be able to stock up on terror at wholesale prices!  Not only is that a great bargain my friends but it also reduces the limits of what you can achieve from one single book, as we are about to find out.

For some of you seasoned horror buffs, you already know that Freddy vs.  Jason vs.  Ash is a very real thing and that these guys are all part of the same cosmical torn universe.  What you might not know is that Jason is a Deadite.  No really, if you don’t want to take my word for it check out this article written by our own Johnny Macabre.  That is some pretty heavy evidence already, but what about the Easter eggs?

The first thing to look at in the series of unfolding madness is in A Nightmare on Elm Street.  For some reason Nancy decides that watching some good old nightmare fuel will help her stay awake and avoid being murdered in her dreams by Freddy Krueger, who is powered by what seems to be fear itself.  While this makes for a bad decision for her, for an audience in the know it is an awesome nod to The Evil Dead.  That’s right, the particular chosen nightmare fuel in question just happened to be The Evil Dead.

Ash watches you sleep.”

When Sam Raimi discovered his movie playing in the background of Wes Craven’s movie he didn’t assemble the troops or call his lawyers, he smiled and said “Neat.”  I’m assuming that’s what he said because in The Evil Dead 2 he responded with a clever hidden in plain sight Freddy glove amongst the background of the cabin.

It’s like Where’s Waldo only if Waldo was an instrument of death.”

Raimi and Craven’s bromance continued in this respect when in 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare we are treated to a giant reveal that Freddy’s Dream Demon pals came out of the good old Necronomicon.  The same Necronomicon that wakes up the demons who royally jack up Ash and company’s day in the Evil Dead series.  There are just so many questions but the answers are yet to come.

Our next examination is that Jason is a Deadite.  For the sake of causing you all to have deja vu, I’ll get straight to the point.  In 1993, Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday came out and served up two more awesome eggs for us to devour.  The first egg is found in a scene in Jason’s Mom’s house where they discover the Necronomicon.

More popular than Dippin’ dots.

The second was awarded at the end when  Krueger’s paw pops up out of the ground and drags Jason’s infamous mask down into the dirt.  This is significant because, if Freddy appeared, however briefly in Jason’s movie then, Jason is a part of Freddy’s universe and vice versa, and if they both gained their powers from the Necronomicon which was the catalyst in The Evil Dead then they are also a part of that universe.  We already knew a lot of that stuff, but stay with me here, there is more to see.

Dun dun dun….

Our next brief stop is in 1994, when Pumpkinhead 2 came out.  Pumpkinhead was tired of being left out of all the murder games so naturally, and a surprise to no one it is revealed that Pumpkinhead’s ritual and spell are indeed from the Necronomicon.  I mean how could it not be?

“I get around.”

I will have to once again assume the veterans of horror you all are, are aware that Jason vs Leatherface was a thing in 1995, but in case you didn’t, you do now.  Though it existed outside of the film’s timelines, it’s still worth mentioning.

Fast forward to 1998, and an entirely different franchise to find our next puzzle piece.  Chucky was as pissed off as he was toungue-in-cheek, but quitters never win and Charles Lee Ray is no quitter.  Even if we sometimes wish he was.  At any rate in The Bride of Chucky, we find our shiny new egg hidden in an evidence locker.  Now most people lost interest in the Child’s Play series after about the first one but those who stuck around got to see these gems.

That means that freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Michael, Ash and now Chucky all exist in the same universe.  However much as I’d like to be done here I have to point out a theory a friend once presented me with.  The spell Charles casts to end up as a doll to begin with.  According to the subtitles it goes like this

Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you.
Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte.
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette.
Endelieu pour du boisette damballa (x3)”

Now without a lot of digging or translating it sounds like gibberish, however a rough translation attempt by “Mybuddy” on the Pride of Chucky forum seems to think its one of these.

“Possible rough translations;

To the almighty Damballa, give me the power I beg of you!
To the mercy of my soul.
To the point of my death.
Hear me out of from my condemned voice.


I beg of you to help me gods

Give the power I beg of you

If you help me I shall return the favor.

Give me the power I beg of you.”

Notice the second pleads with multiple gods?  That part convinced my friend that it could possibly be a spell from the Necronomicon, being falsely taught as Voodoo, which is what we are told is the power Charles uses.  It isn’t so out there to think that at one time a Voodoo priest seeking power, found the Necronomicon and probably paid for the knowledge with his life, but not before teaching it to others first.  A stretch I know, so let’s move on.

What would a good horror theory be without Hellraiser?  Unfortunately there isn’t much to connect to the rest, Pinhead doesn’t use the necronomicon, nor does his box appear in the distance in any neighboring film.

This is where we go off the rails and with some suspension of disbelief and fan theory madness make connections that otherwise weren’t there.  In the same theory boat as Chucky’s spell being of Necronomicon influence, we find ourselves face to face with the year 2000.

In Hellraiser Inferno, it is revealed that a detective of questionable morals has been lugging the box around like a good luck charm.

Super Lucky.”

The Lemarchand’s Box, often known as the “Lament Configuration” is a key to another Dimension.  One that Hellraiser fans are super aware of, and one that Joseph Thorne bumbles in to.  The question is though, what if he knew what the box was?  What if that evidence locker we saw earlier had a single person responsible for their case files?  What if that person was a slayer pretending to be a detective as a cover?  What if that person were Joseph?  Did your mind just explode?  What if I piled more onto the heap?  Pinhead might not use the necronomicon, but that doesn’t mean he is without Lovecraftian roots.  Here is a picture of Pinhead’s dimension, based on Hellraiser: Bloodlines.

Totally not R’lyeh.”

And here is a Picture of an artistic rendition of R’lyeh by Paul Carrick.

Totally not Pinhead’s dimension.”

While it is yet another strecth, isn’t it possible, the Lament Configuration is the Key to the lost city of R’lyeh?  We are almost at the end of our journey but have one last connection to make, one giant leap to come full circle, are you ready to take the plunge with me?

Look out Below!”

Our last stop is at The Cabin in the Woods.  It came out in 2012, promising great things and delivering less than desired.  An overall passable film that got very little love.  Whether this was because of the ending, the legally safe knock-off horror icons or the big reveal that it was a Kryptonian phantom Zone for horror monsters we may never know.

My argument here though is this, if you examine the film, it first nods to The Evil Dead, with its cellar of random, creepy heirlooms, Idols and trinkets, then it nods to the entire horror universe with the collection of horror monsters, and finally, it nods to Lovecraft’s Old Ones, by referring to the murders as sacrifice to appease the Old Gods.

Maybe the same Old Gods Chucky prayed to, or Lovecraft invented.  If you remove all the copyright walls, you can easily see that Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Pumpkinhead, Leatherface, Pinhead, and Chucky are all intended to be inside the Happy Fun Time Jail for Horror Monsters, where time served is given for bad behavior.  Not to mention, the fact that almost all of them are connected to the Necronomicon and thus to Lovecraft.  These guys aren’t killing for fun, they are killing to pay tribute to their Old God’s who slumber in forgotten places, and if they have fun doing it or it falls in place with their own personal agendas that makes it all the better.

I hope you enjoyed this examination of fan theory madness, please feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments.

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  • Vicki
    6 March 2017 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    I am really amazed that you are so observant. I just learned soooo much! Now I have to go back and watch each movie and see the connections and Easter eggs! Movie binge time!