Festival Hit THE SHUTTERBUG MAN Now Available Free

Praised as “Creepy beyond belief!”


After a successful festival run, filmmaker/animator Chris Walsh has unleashed his boogeyman creeper, THE SHUTTERBUG MAN, online; fans of all things creepy and macabre can now view it for free!  Check out this amazing horror short that took over 2 years to produce.

Synopsis:  THE SHUTTERBUG MAN tells the tale of a very twisted man, whose only passion in life is taking pictures. That passion takes him to terrible and wicked places.

Press Release: THE SHUTTERBUG MAN is a Canadian short stop motion horror film. Its thousands of frames were created one click at a time, and it features one-of-a-kind, handmade sets, props, and puppets. It also features a highly original story that introduces audiences to a (miniature!) addition to the ranks of cinematic ghouls- THE SHUTTERBUG MAN. He wants nothing more than to take your picture.


Gothic horror icon Barbara Steele, star of BLACK SUNDAY (1960), is a captivating narrator who produces a truly chilling atmosphere—seductive and haunting.  So turn down the lights, put on your headphones, and prepare for an unnerving 4-minutes of abject terror.  Enjoy!

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