Freddy vs Jason 2 is never happening! Here’s why.

Don't get your hopes up. It's time to let the dream die.

In 2003, the horror world was treated to a battle royale between the two greatest titans in modern horror: Freddy vs Jason. The film was generally well received by fans, financially successful, and left slasher fanatics drooling for a round two. But, despite rumors popping up every so often and quotes being taken out of context here and there, one has yet to surface. Hey, but we can still hope, right? It could still happen, couldn’t it? Short answer? Nope.

Sorry to let you down, folks. I probably more than most would love to see it happen. But we are 13 years out now and it’s just not in the cards. Why? Well, the reasons are many and varied.

  1. Jason’s back home


This one is probably the biggest reason, honestly. If you are up on your behind the scenes trivia, you know that Freddy vs Jason didn’t just magically happen. It was actually in the works for close to 20 years! The idea came up after Friday the 13th part 6, folks. There were four more solo Jason movies between that and FvJ actually being made. Why did it take so long? Well, mostly because at the time Jason was owned by Paramount and Freddy was owned by New Line. A crossover film between two studios is next to unheard of. No one could agree on anything, both studios wanted their character to win. Talks went no where. Finally, after Friday the 13th part 8 failed to perform well, Paramount decided that they had gotten all of the mileage out of Jason that they could and sold the rights to New Line. Now both characters were under the same company and New Line started working on a script. They added the Freddy glove to the end of Jason goes to hell to set up the crossover, made Jason X to kill time while they ironed out a script, and finally put the film out in 2003.

But, bad news, folks, as of the 2009 F13 remake Jason is back home at Paramount which means we are back in the exact same situation which almost kept FvJ from happening the first time!

                   2. Remakes anyone?


Not many of the old slasher franchises are still continuing old storylines and both Friday the 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street are no exception. Both have been rebooted with remakes and the rumor is that they are both being rebooted again. Both Paramount and New Line have made it pretty clear that the old canons are pretty much abandoned. I really don’t see them going backwards. I mean, some people have suggested a crossover between the rebooted franchises instead of the old ones, but there is still the problem of the two different studios and even then, if that was somehow overcome, that isn’t a sequel. That’s an entirely new crossover.

                   3. Robert Englund is retired from Freddy


As immortal the character Freddy may be, Robert Englund, despite his awesomeness, is not. The dude’s 68, guys. Cthulhu willing, he’s still got a lot more horror in him, but not when it involves literally hours upon hours of prosthetics and makeup for the role. Robert has said he is done and I believe him. Yes, there have been various quotes of his taken out of context, but those instances he mentioned where he said he would return were all scenarios that will literally never happen. Him saying he would reprise Freddy for a Freddy vs Michael film? Well, a film like that will never happen. And he knows it.

                   4. Uh, they kinda tied up all the loose ends already


Slasher movie fans really need to read comics. Considering all of the similarities between supernatural slashers and super heroes (special powers, garish costumes, secrets origins, and they just don’t freakin’ die!) it’s really no surprise that there are a ton of awesome comic books devoted to these guys. I mean, there’s the long running Army of Darkness series, the epic Hack/Slash (best horror comic ever made, in my opinion), hell, even my own We Kill The Dead. And, of course, the amazing Freddy vs Jason vs Ash mini series.

Adapted from an actual screenplay for a sequel to Freddy vs Jason, Englund has gone on record as saying that the story came very close to production. But it didn’t. So, it became a comic. Yes, this exists, dear reader. See, unlike movie studios, comic book publishers crossover fairly regularly and Wildstorm  (a subsidiary of DC who owns the comic rights to both Freddy and Jason) and Dynamite (who owns the comic rights to Ash) came together to bring the sequel-starved fans exactly what they wanted and even raised the demand one boomstick.

Taking place in the aftermath of the FvJ film, the comic sees Freddy continue to manipulate Jason and the dream demon winds up in control of the Necronomicon, gaining all of his dream powers over the waking world and becoming a virtual god. Only Ash from the Evil Dead films can save the day. Side note: the comic also makes the interesting revelation that Jason is actually a type of super deadite! 

Now, not only was there this initial comic mini-series sequel, but this in turn had its own sequel called Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors. This series saw Ash join up and lead a team of all of the survivors from every F13 and NOES film as Freddy leads an army of deadites (with a rejuvenated and more powerful than ever Jason as the general) against Washington DC! Every element of Freddy and Jason’s respective mythos’ are brought into play in what can only be described as an wetdream for any franchise fan! And in the end, literally every loose end is tied up actually allowing me to say “Yeah, there is really not much more you can do here. Well done.”

Now, it would be kinda weird to go and make a sequel to FvJ that is different in plot when these comics already exist. But at the same time, these comic could never be adapted for the screen because A) I heard Sam Raimi hates the idea and won’t allow Ash to be used, and B) if Nightmare Warriors were adapted to the screen it would require a budget on par with The Avengers.

Bottomline: I could be wrong, but I’d bet money I am right. Spending almost 20 years trying to get a movie made while it is still relevant as the respective series continue in their current continuity is one thing. Hoping they’ll do it again when all of the evidence points to the contrary is another. It’s time to abandon hope, folks. My condolences.

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  • Jason vs Michael is never happening. Here’s why.
    6 June 2016 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    […] Freddy vs Jason 2 is never happening! Here’s why. Posted 2 weeks ago […]

  • Super_Steve
    16 June 2016 at 2:03 am - Reply

    If they only could have done it years ago before Robert Englund retired from the role, it would have been out around in 2007 or 2008. If I could have written the story, I’d have it take place just before the events of “Jason X” where Jason ultimate kills off Freddy for good.

  • Allen Howlin
    17 August 2017 at 9:39 am - Reply

    This article is a bit outdated. After the rather disappointing cancellation of the newest Paramount Friday film earlier this year, I believe that the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise will be returning to New Line in 2018, giving some fans hope of another Freddy/Jason crossover to come. As far as the Freddy VS Jason VS Ash comic book goes (and I am sure that it is a great comic, I personally have never read it), most fans don’t really consider it cannon with the films, it really just comes down to your perspective on the established world. Another FvJ film could happen regardless of the comics, as great as they are.

  • Dustin Talbert
    14 March 2018 at 8:54 am - Reply

    They Have to make Freddy Vs Jason 2 because people will not be happy about it. They will demand a sequal to see who actually wins. In the end of Freddy Vs Jason you saw how freddy wink and laughed.

  • Shanon576
    18 March 2018 at 3:56 am - Reply

    I’d rather see Freddy v.s Jason v.s Micheal Myers as those are the 3 big franchises rather then Ash.

    • CMK
      13 December 2018 at 4:49 am - Reply

      I’m sorry but WHAT??? Ash wasnt a big “franchise”? Which makes little sense to call a character a “franchise”, but Ash was pretty much the top of the pyramid of those three. He was definitely a huge deal for us that are GenX and watched these series since they were born on the big screen.
      I would have agreed with wanting Michael in it, until you said the Ash part, which invalidated your entire comment, in my eyes.
      Ash was his own legendary icon. That would have been amazing to see him up there with Freddy and Jason.

  • Fan of the Dead
    23 March 2018 at 11:00 am - Reply

    After Freddy Vs Jason Freddy Realized he needs Help Freddy then Enters the Dreams of Michael Myers and Jason introducing them and manipulating them in to battle. thus the Demonic battle of the Titans Begins. Jason is Lead by Freddy once again this time to Haddonfield to meet Michael Myers Face to Face in an all out Battle royal where no single human is safe( Freddy Vs Jason 2 Happy Halloween will begin here ). Freddy gets Angry again and finds Ash in the dream world where ash is sleeping from having to many Drops of the potion. Freddy reveals to ash 3 demons have escaped hell through the Necronomicon the Demon Titans of Dreams 3 demons that found Freddy and gave him the power to kill in dreams. and 2 Demon Titan’s of strength that infected both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees as children. well ash was sleeping they grew in to unstopable beings. well Freddy protrayed him self as Professor Raymond Knowby to Ash in the dream world Ash Wakes up and heads home to Elk Grove to find nothing but destruction happening in Nearby Small Towns Crystal Lake to the West Haddonfield to the East and Spring Wood to the North ( again Proving Elk Grove to be in the middle of all things Evil). Well watching news broadcasts Ash Realizes he must intervene. As the battle Ensues. in Haddonfield Jason and Michael begin notice freddys Manipulation and now with all sights on Freddy they head east towards Elk Grove killing everything in there wake they reach Elk Grove. As Daring Journelists follow the story live as its happening Ash Steps out of the bar Drunk to find find himself Face to with Jason & Michael. Weaponless Ash Runs to safety. Michael and Jason Head north towards Spring Wood. knowing there coming Freddy once again Portrays himself as Professor Raymond Knowby and convinces Ash to Follow. This Battle will ensue in Freddy Vs Jason 3 : Hail To The King.

  • William Frazier
    26 May 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

    I recently sent in a script I wrote for an idea of a Freddy vs. Jason 2 script.

    It’s pretty simple. Robert Englund is portrayed as been in a coma state for many years, explaining the movies away.

    He has not one, but two doctors. A Dr. Voorhees and a Dr. Myers.

    The events of the coma are set in Haddonfield, 1989. All by the events of Halloween 5.

    Robert wakes up toward the end and writes the script for the remake nightmare on elm Street, explaining how he becomes rich.

    He goes to sleep at the night of the premiere of the movie and meets the new nightmare Freddy. He reveals to Robert that it was he who kept Robert in the coma and needs him to write more sequels.

    Robert refuses, where we end the dream.

    It’s reported the next morning that Robert Englund – screenwriter of the new movie, Nightmare on Elm Street – has been reported as deceased. And with all the rumors and speculation running rampant, all that can be confirmed is it will be a public, closed casket, funeral service for him.

    It ends with a dad listening to the announcement and with the song “Mr. Sandman” playing, he tells his family he has a surprise for them and it’s that he’s gonna take them out to dinner and a movie.

    A nightmare movie…

    With an end signifying that Freddy. Finally. Won.

    Any thoughts on this idea? Robert dying as a martyr. Meanwhile Freddy is unleashed to the world in a new and creative world.


    • JayJay
      30 October 2018 at 12:25 pm - Reply

      None of that sounds good.that would suck

    • CMK
      13 December 2018 at 4:51 am - Reply

      I want to read it. Is it on

  • Decoryia Nash
    2 December 2019 at 2:07 am - Reply

    PLEASE MAKE FVJ2 its been too long y’all can make so much money probably more than ever stop being bitches about characters in out the damn story together from the comic and leav ash out since he’s mad … duh bro we want this movie and that can put both companies back into the big screen over Netflix in shit like that they just old mfs get new people COME ON Get new characters for Freddy and Jason and keep everybody else