Fun and Challenging Phantom Sway 48 Hour Film Festival Announced

Rules, prizes and more announced as well.

Phantom Sway, an Indie media company will be hosting their first 48 hour film festival. The submissions are open to all horror and dark comedy films and the film makers must be 18 or older to participate.


What makes this festival unique is that a wrench will be thrown into things to make the contest more challenging. On June 24th, 2016 participating film makers will receive an email that incorporates elements that will be required to be worked into the script. Some of these random requirements may be a prop, plot device or dialogue.

Film makers and their teams will have 48 hours to create a 5-7 minute film. Everything from start to finish, including scripting, casting, shooting and editing MUST be completed in the 48 hour period.


After all submissions are received, a panel of judges will pick the winner. The formal announcement will take place on August 1st, 2016 and the winning film will be air at the Telluride Horror Show in Colorado in October.

Winner/s will receive a round trip to Telluride, free passes to the horror show, three nights lodging and a special trophy.

To register for the festival, click here.

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