Games with Gold for March

What will be available this upcoming month for having a gold subscription

Games with Gold usually goes with giving us games to keep for free even after the subscription ends. There has been only a handful of titles that really are worth the free download and the rest are just eh or arcade titles. By no means is that bad but it is nice to have a variety and get some AAA titles like these ones for the upcoming month.

On the Xbox 360 for the first half you can download Laura Croft’s latest reboot title TOMB RAIDER and see how Laura really became who she is today. A fantastic journey through crystal dynamics beautifully rendered world and ideas. This title will be free from March 1st-15th.

The second title is the latest installment in 2K game series BIOSHOCK: INFINITE. This game really pushed the graphics on both PS3 and Xbox 360. With new gadgets, a great story, new locations, upgradable weapons and all the new plasmids this is definitely a title worth downloading if you are fan of shooters, action/adventure, or just a fan of the series.

For the Xbox One we are looking at receiving cooperative party title Rayman: Legends. The title is not about rabbids nor about using the kinect. This goes back to the older style of Rayman titles. It is a side scroller adventure game with tons to do and up to four player coop. It is crafted with some unique and gorgeous art design that really makes Rayman pop from other titles.

Will you be downloading all three?

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