New game in development for PS4 and PS3 from Bandi Namco Games.

With Godzilla hitting theaters this past summer with huge success, we could only assume a game would be released soon regarding this colossal monster. Bandi Namco Games have been in development working on a title exclusively for the PS4 and PS3 (no word if it is a timed exclusive). Besides that a new trailer has been revealed and some information regarding the game.

* This is NOT a movie game (meaning it does not follow the events of this past summers movie or  before the movie). Instead it talks about the lore and history of the creature.
* There will be multiple versions of Godzilla to unlock.
* 20 level story
* Will feature classic creatures such as Mothra, Rodin, MechaGodzilla and more!

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  • Matthew Myers
    11 December 2014 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    I think my child hood dream just came true!