What To Do For Halloween Around Portland, Oregon

Halloween Isn't Cancelled - Well kinda. It's a toned down, no-touch, wear your mask experience for 2020

The weekend is almost here and the Halloween Season is in full swing. Haunted Attractions throughout Oregon are still delivering scares, and thrill-seekers won’t want to miss out on what’s in store. From creepy Haunted Drive-Thrus and Haunted Corn Mazes to Drive-Ins and Escape Games, there’s entertainment taking place all month.

2020 has pretty much sucked the life out of everything, but I’m happy to report there is still some Halloween to be had here in the Portland Oregon area! All events are centered around the CDC protocols because of COVID-19 and are only done in small groups, inside cars, or online. But for those of us that feel like our hearts are ripped out if we can’t do anything with a Halloween theme, well, here are a few scary places to play.

I picked my top 7 events and I hope it adds a little Halloween joy for you haunt lovers. All tickets will be sold online. I repeat, All tickets will be sold online for all events!!!!! And because they can only have a certain amount of people due to all the rules, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!




The Clackamas County Scare Fair
Open Weekends: 10/1-4, 10/9-11, 10/16-18, 10/23-25, 10/30-11/1

The Clackamas County Scare Fair is a drive-thru haunted grounds experience. The event is bringing together the minds behind some of Portland’s best Halloween events. Nightmare Factory, Davis Cemetery, Fearlandia, and Creatures of the Night have put their noses to the headstone for special scares around the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. There are no live scare actors in this drive-thru, so I would consider this very family-friendly, yet spooky enough for adults.

The Oaks Park Haunted Drive-Thru

Enjoy the same Halloween frights and terrifying thrills you have come to know and love now from the safety of your own vehicle. Become part of the show as characters are front and center leading you through a unique storytelling experience as spine-tingling audio, video, and special effects surround you like never before. Each scene is a scripted one-on-one theatrical performance that is jammed packed with live actors, sound, thematic lighting, special effects, and animations.


The Fear PDX
Open Friday 10/9, Saturday 10/10, Sunday 10/11, and 12 other dates
Portland’s largest Halloween event! Four haunted houses, one location, one ticket! With choices like Dark Carnival, Dead City, The Doll Factory, and The Mansion you are guaranteed to be pushed to a whole new level of fear.


Bella Organic Haunted Corn Maze
Open Friday 10/9, Saturday 10/10, and 6 other dates
Get lost in acres of corn, in the dark. Terrifying creatures stalk you as you make your way through our Haunted Corn Maze! This year our Sauvie Island Haunted Corn Maze theme will be inspired by the Netflix hit original series, Stranger Things! Be prepared to be haunted by dark ghouls and goblins, chased by zombies, as you make your way through our very own Upside Down while avoiding Demogorgon. If you make it to the butcher shop.. don’t get stuck in the fridge!

Cinema of Horrors Drive-In
Oct 9-11, 16-18, 22-25, and Oct 29- Nov 1
A live-action horror movie experience where screams from the screen come to life. The scariest horror blockbuster films complete with monsters lurking outside your car window. You’re guaranteed to scream this Halloween! This unique, drive-in experience lasts approximately two hours (depending on film length) and features high-quality sound and lighting, in-car audio, Hollywood quality makeup, monsters, and terrifying twists.



My Name is Jamie
My Name Is Jamie
 is a remote retelling of the first room of L.A. based, The Basement’s, four-room narrative escape room journey. This 45-minute experience maintains the tone and slickness of The Basement’s regular offerings with unsettling and dark themes, live acting, and a high-stakes narrative. Unique puzzles and brief moments of personalization elevate the experience beyond simply talking a character through solving the room. Help Jaime escape from the clutches of serial killer Edward Tandy.

One Day Die

From the warped mind of Darren Lynn Bousman (Spiral: Book of Saw, Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV) comes a home horror experience extraordinaire! Described as a contained and interactive “guided séance experience,” One Day Die lasts roughly an hour and a half. You get your very own box in the mail, filled with all kinds of creepy things, but don’t open it before your séance begins! Tickets are sold out through October 22 as of this writing, but there are more slots available in late October for those who want to participate.

Still looking for more horror, or want something a little tamer, like pumpkin patches? Visit the Oregon Haunted Houses website for all the fun!

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