‘Halloween Is Over’

The Fun Is Over...Back To Reality

Well, back to the normal world.  Halloween is a holiday that gives off so much energy it’s contagious.  If you plan on wearing a costume, you go to your friends and family for ideas.  If you don’t, you still get a giddy feeling when you hear your friends tell you their costume ideas.  You make a list of the horror movies you want to see.  If you’re having a party, or you’re building a haunted house, you know you have to hurry if you want to impress or scare your friends.

But then the holiday ends.  The ambiance of Halloween disappears.  You have to go back to reality.  You put your costume away.  You throw away your pumpkin.  You take down your decorations and put them in storage.  You try to decide if you want to eat or throw away any leftover candy.  You groan as you realize you have to go back to work.

Halloween has come and gone.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way.  But neither holiday carries the same energy.  There’s nothing you can really do except wait for Halloween to come back next year.  Halloween is one holiday that comes and goes too quickly.  So enjoy that one special night where the thrill of fright feels more intense than usual.  Before you know it, the normal world will come back.

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