Hardcore Horror Hip-Hop

KARDIAC delivers hooks from hell

KARDIAC assaults on two fronts.

First off, Kardiac hits with heavy hardcore rap. Then there’s the fact that Kardiac is horror hip-hop. But we’re not talking the camp of Juggalo rap. No ICP here – unless they’re among the bodies.

Kardiac slams hard with rumbling beats and unique hooks. It’s almost like the chains of the boogeyman slinking down the hall, except warped into rhythmic, hypnotic rap hooks. The atmosphere is palpable, one of dread, thick like Southern humidity. It wraps around you ominously, hugging you just a little too tight.

This music is extremely dark and the lyrical contents relate to such things as horrible violent murder. This is like true crime and humorless horror cinema fucking a baby onto the screen in the form of Kardiac’s inarguably quality hip-hop.

What makes this all the more impressive is that this indie artist is totally self-wrought. From engineering to songwriting to performance itself, Kardiac is a one-man band. One look at one music video – say, the compelling and gritty “It’s Hard to Keep a Secret” – is proof enough of that. A serious approach to dark material surrounded by very original hooks, with grim lyrics embedded in the rumbling groove of doom.

The latest album, from which “Secret” hails, is dubbed “Sleep Deprivation” and it was on my must-acquire list the moment I saw/heard the video/song in question. I haven’t heard hip-hop with quite this sound before. As I say, ICP kind of leads the way, strictly in terms of public optics, of horror rap. But artistically, that’s not a true statement at all.

Bleak and bloody and reeking of metal mentality, but executed in rap form, Kardiac’s music is harrowing, brutally straight-faced and utterly lacking in any form of dicking around. This guy doesn’t play. This is how horror themed hip-hop should be done.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION is now available and can be picked up either digitally or as a physical copy. I’ve recently converted (finally) to the digital revolution but this guy has me tempted to buy the physical copy, ‘cuz damn! I bet the art is wicked.

Luckily, I, and all you fine folks, can stream the album free. But let me tell you something, if you don’t feel compelled to spend a little dough on your own copy (digi or otherwise) after hearing what Kardiac has to offer, I may just have to send him after you as the subject of his next music video.

And let me tell you. I’d hate to be the subject of a Kardiac tune. Almost rather end up in the Jigsaw killer’s clutches.


Kardiac first entered the music video arena with “The Nest,” taken from his fourth solo effort, 2011’s “The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight”. The album was in part an effort by Kardiac to remedy what he saw as the “monotonous style that rap had to offer at the time.” Kardiac has gotten around creatively.

Besides his more than respectable solo efforts, he has worked in a number of collaborative projects. His music has spread far and wide for an underground endeavorer. Kardiac has opened for several top dog artists in the swelling underground hip-hop movement.

The year 2012 marked his aforementioned foray into the creation of music videos (not to mention commercials!). His technical skills are as impressive as his musical skills, with Kardiac being a skilled vid editor and producer. He is also learned at the creation of FX (quite necessary for his music videos, which are essentially short horror films set to music) and naturally has a knack for scoring.

“It’s Hard to Keep a Secret” was Kardiac’s first independently produced music vid.


Kardiac’s most recently released project is is the DVD of a music video short film, “The Country Road Cover Up.” He’s also hard at it crafting his sixth solo album. He’s playing it close to the vest on this one. I have no details to offer other than that listeners can expect to enjoy another Kardiac music vid later this year.

Meanwhile, as if he isn’t flexing his creative muscles enough, Kardiac is always at work on beat production and his artwork.

Previous Kardiac releases also include: “Prescription for Death”, “The 5 Myrtle Massacre”, “Gifts of Blood”, and “Dumpster Diving Vol. 1”.

If you’ll take the time to peruse these links, you’ll find all the Kardiac you need to blacken your heart and rape your soul. And I mean that in the nicest of ways.








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