Haunted Attraction Review: District of the Dead 2015

A choose-your-own-fate haunted house!

Rounding out the haunted attractions in Buffalo, NY, having already visited Frightworld (REVIEW HERE) and House of Horrors (REVIEW HERE), is District of the Dead! A smaller, independent attraction, District of the Dead is nonetheless a great visit. Usually consisting of 3 attractions on it’s own (as many as 7 when coupled with another group’s 4 in some previous years), this year it was on it’s own, featuring only 2 of its attractions, Quarantine and Entity, due to not being able to find a space big enough to set up the third this time around. Here’s how they stack up!


Quarantined-Logo-with-CYOFDistrict of the Dead advertises itself as a “choose-your-own-fate” experience and that is due to headlining attraction, Quarantine. A zombie themed house, Quarantine features 2 entrances and 2 exits. Which exit you get with which entrance is up to your split-second decision in the middle. You get to go through this attraction twice to experience the second entrance and the exit you did not choose the first time, effectively making this two attractions. It’s very innovative.

Both paths are of a good solid length and are very elaborately designed with a good selection of varied actors. I enjoyed it and give the attraction a 4/5.






Entity-Logo The other attraction at District of the Dead is the possession themed Entity. Let me put it right out there: this house plays dirty. Long and winding, with great variance in actors and scenery, a lot of love went into building this house, that much is clear.

It’s a very enjoyable house with an extremely high creep factor of enjoyable length and creativity. I really wanted to go through it again! I give Entity a 5/5!







Overall an amazingly well put together indie affair! Overally, a 5/5!





You can check out District of the Dead for yourself at the Home Depot plaza on Ridge Rd, West Seneca, NY and check out http://www.districtofthedeadbuffalo.com/ for more information!






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