Haunted Attraction Review: Factory of Terror (Worcester, MA) 2015

Many themes, one walk

I was out in Worcester, MA for Rock & Shock 2015 this past weekend. While in town, I took in some sights. Including checking out how Mass haunted attractions measure up to the ones here in Buffalo, NY. Well, they are different. Whereas the 3 attractions I reviewed locally (FrightworldHouse of HorrorsDistrict of the Dead) are all made up of multiple themed attractions at one location, Factory of Terror was one long attraction with several different themes as you traveled through. It is also worth pointing out that, while I was unfamiliar with the history of the area, it is inside of what at least appears to be a genuine abandoned factory.

So, how did it measure up? Well, that’s comparing apples and oranges. What I will say is this: holy hell, this is what a budget looks like. It’s about a half hour long walk through this attraction, give or take 10 minutes for walking speed. There are things in here I have simply never seen before.

You start out going through a zombie infested city street which actually is very convincing. Zombie lurch out of buildings at you and shamble towards you. After this, there was an area which utilized clowns and 3D glasses coupled with special paint on the walls, ceilings, and floors for truly amazing effects. There were areas with what seemed to be a mental asylum theme with mechanics I had yet to see at any other attraction which worked really well.

Overall, the attraction had an amazing atmosphere and attention to detail, with never a dull moment in sight.

I give the Factory of Terror a full 5/5!






For more information, check them out at: http://factoryofterror.com/worcester/

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