Haunted Attraction Review: Zombie Apocalypse Live! Buffalo, NY 2016

Wanna shoot zombies in a real apocalypse simulation? Well, you need to check this out!

Last night I got the chance to check out Zombie Apocalypse Live! This is a horror attraction currently touring the country and I was lucky enough for them to stop by right here in Buffalo, NY. Taking place in the building for local Halloween attraction House of Horrors & Haunted Catacombs (review here), this attraction allows you to go through a mission (2 missions if you get the higher ticket) with a laser tag M4 assault rifle designed for real military exercises, featuring full weight, 30% recoil, and muzzle flash and take on a horde of sensor-wearing zombies.

Both of these missions feature a long, winding attraction where you travel through, taking out zombies as you go. Honestly, it was awesome! The gun was responsive, the zombies were well done, and the missions themselves were well constructed.

The guns operate on CO2 cartridges. At the start of mission, you have 1 cartridge good for 150 shots. You can switch your fire mode between single shot (my preference for accuracy and ammo conservation) and 3 shot burst fire. If you run out of ammo, you continue your travel through the course as a normal haunted attraction. For a higher ticket price, you get a reload halfway through each mission. I had both missions and the reloads and I never ran out! I got to shoot zombies to death (re-death?) from start to finish.

You can travel the missions in groups of up to 5 or go solo (like I did). However, solo survivors beware! Watch your six, the zombies don’t stay dead for long and that zombie you shot might come back at you once you’ve passed by!

Overall, it’s all I could hope for in a zombie apocalypse simulator.






Definitely check it out if they stop by near you!

Tour dates include:

York Haven, PA: May 20-22

Phoenix, AR: June 10-12

Baton Rouge, LA: June 10-12

Atlanta, GA: June 17-19

Bakersfield, CA: June 17-19

Denver, CO: June 24-26

Nashville, TN: June 24-26

Louisville, KY: July 1-3

You can get more information at their website: http://zombieapocalypselive.com/

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