‘Haus of Creep’ Immersive Horror Experience is Intense, Sexy and Imaginative

“What’s past is dead, tomorrow’s a lie, you are here, and this is now.”

Art is different for everyone. Art itself is a means to show feelings or to create a different way to look at the world. The bottom line is that art makes you feel something.

Haus of Creep from the amazing Just Fix It Productions is the newest Creep LA immersive experience, and OMG, did I feel something! The multi-sensory show looks at the world around us, and our obsession with social media, particularly Instagram. The theme song, Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” is perfect. Social media is just that. We let the big world out there into our little daily lives. Every intimate detail, being watched and analyzed by others. What is your deepest darkest secret?

This is one of the hardest types of reviews for me to write because I want so badly to tell you about all the strange, creepy, intensely personal and intimate moments I had, but I just can’t spoil it for you. You must go to Haus of Creep and experience it for yourself. (FYI: some minor spoilers ahead)

This is the fifth year since the first Creep LA, and I was blown away. Other than The Willows, which I also adore, this has to be one of my best immersive horror experiences EVER.

I do not say that lightly. I have been a haunt performer and SFX makeup artist, for many years. So, having been on stage, and in the audience, I know what I want in a show like this. I don’t want to crawl on my knees, have nasty things poured on me or be grossed out. I want to forget the real world for a time and be sucked into a completely WTF moment!

The deeply unnerving, dark, beautiful and hypnotic evening at Haus of Creep has crawled under my skin, into my soul and will be a part of me forever.

From the very beginning, waiting in line, we start meeting the cast of the show, mingling amongst us. Even the sign outside, warns us that this is not your garden variety haunt. “By entering this area, you hereby release Haus of Creep and The Company and its affiliates, agents and licensees, full rights to your hopes, dreams, fears, skin, bones, blood, naked flesh, and taste in art.” We fully agreed and went on in.

Inside we found ourselves in an art exhibit. Map in hand, my friend and I planned our evening in the bar over a glass of wine, but both of us found ourselves being spirited away by the artist, Cameron. who offered to show us around. Did we understand that art is meant to be felt? We agreed that was what art should be, and off we went.

We quickly got separated and the two of us had incredible, yet very different experiences. That’s the coolest thing about these productions. Everyone gets a unique evening. There were so many spaces, and so much going on, there is no way to see everything. The best thing is to just throw yourself in, interact with the actors and have a great time. The more you put into it, there more you get back.

About 70% of this is scripted for the actors, the rest they improvise. A show like this makes you think. Afterward, part of the fun was for my friend and me to reflect on our evening and compare notes. You did what? Where? OMG, that sounds incredible!

Another aspect that was special about this production, was how immersed I really felt. It was as if I was spying on the characters. Even as they drew me into their worlds, I became a voyeur. It was very exhilarating. Watching a sexy dancer writhe, observing a family drama unfold, feeling unease as I saw corporate assholes go up against the artists, getting a balloon animal from a creepy clown, or simply seeing an artist paint a nude, I felt alive.

The different art installations were incredibly detailed and diverse. Having had a long day, the live art, where I got an especially sexy shoulder massage was a very welcome moment. A strange and deranged puppet show was oddly scintillating. And being invited into a darkroom of a serial killer, was, well very special indeed. Where else could I claim that adventure? Locked in a cage in one room, we had to beg an audience member to let us out.

There were many stories told, many questions asked; one being is there anything I would die for. We were absolutely puppets, being manipulated by the many characters. Each space hid a secret and if we were lucky, we got to be a part of the many vignettes surrounding us.

BUT, bottom line, the fabulous actors are the true reason this show is so fantastic. The dedication and investment to the people they portray is profound. I got into some amazing conversations, and some very awkward ones, but all left an impression.

Some of the standouts for me were Rosay; (Joshua Rivas) She was beautifully flamboyant and mysterious. Clarissa, (Misha Reeves) was wild, crazy and frightening. Cameron, (Zach Brown) who I spent quite a bit of time with, was intense and reached inside my heart, even as I let him lock me behind bars.

I, unfortunately, cannot mention everyone, but they were all incredible, even the ones I didn’t get a chance to be super up close and personal with. The show wouldn’t work without the huge stellar cast. Together they are a powerhouse of weird and wonderful.

So I know you are saying, how can it be that good? Well, I shared with you a little peek into my Haus of Creep experience, but you must trust me and go get creeped out yourself.

HAUS OF CREEP | 2019 from Just Fix It Productions on Vimeo.

Tickets are $69. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. with shows beginning every 90 minutes. HAUS OF CREEP’s space in ROW DTLA, gives you not only safe parking but a safe downtown environment as well.

For more information or tickets, visit www.CREEPLA.com for more information.


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