a.k.a. Night of the Tentacles

DIRECTOR: Dustin Wayde Mills

CAST: Brandon Salkil, Dolly Carmen La Cash, Jackie McKown, Austin Flynn, Josh Eal

4 Knives

THE TALE: Man makes a deal with the devil for a new heart only to learn he’s inherited a heart of darkness.


It’s “Little Shop of Horrors” by way of H.P. Lovecraft. Shat out from the lunatic genius of auteur Dustin Wayde Mills. So, that pretty much says it all. Except that it doesn’t say how much I love the movie and why. It doesn’t say that it skyrocketed to near the top of my Fave Dustin Mills Move List within a short time of having hit the play button. Damn. Impressed? Hell, yes. And what makes that more remarkable is that this is one of the last few movies of Mills’ I haven’t already seen. So the bar, at this point, is set pretty high for this creative motherfucker. But he knocked my socks off – AGAIN! – and, lo and behold, exceeded expectations. Like a motherfucker. Which I’ve already established that he is. But there’s motherfuckers and motherfuckers and Mills is one cool motherfucker. Watching it with the text trivia feature added to the experience. I was so fucking entertained, and, more than that, blown away by the sheer cinematic skill at play here. How he makes movies this slick and appealing for the pocket change sloshing about in his moviemaking piggybank is not a mystery. Clearly, it’s the fruit of unrelenting passion, dedication and – that word I can’t write a Mills review without using – CREATIVE! Just read the text trivia and you’ll begin to get an idea, if you haven’t already by watching this and/or other brilliant movies by Mills. So, drop Faust in a Roger Corman cheapie (or the Frank Oz version sans tunes), run it through the Cthulhu filter and vomit it all out of the skull of Dustin Wayde “Motherfucker” Mills by way of a Henenlotteresque wound in this gonzo man’s aforementioned skull – and you get HEART ATTACK (aka NIGHT OF THE TENTACLES). Not always the case with alternate titles, either of these is apropos to the material. Fuck you for being this damn good, Dustin. Fuck you, sir. And I mean that with all my heart!


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