Horror Hit ‘Ashes’ arrives on VOD and Digital

“Laugh After Death”

It’s time to discover what has horror film fans cowering under their sofa cushions this month!

I love this film! Ashes is a fascinating take on the conundrum many of us have had; What do we do with a dearly departed family member’s ashes, after they are cremated?

Combining black comedy with a dose of some seriously gory horror, we ride along on one family’s journey to hell and back. Disturbing and hilarious in equal amounts, the film has a unique premise that I think will please a lot of horror fans.

Synopsis: When an estranged aunt passes away, a family is creeped out to receive her ashes. And when supernatural misfortunes begin to best them, they quickly discover they have to go through hell to rid of her angry spirit.

Find out what I loved about it! You can read my review on Morbidly Beautiful Horror here

Ashes is now available on Digital and Demand from 1091 media and writer/director Barry Jay. This insane film stars Elizabeth Keener, Jeremy Earl, Yumarie Morales, Angelique Maurnaé, and Melinda deKay. Check out the crazy trailer right here and get your dose of Ashes now!

Horror fans are celebrating the terrifying new horror treat Ashes, calling the film “gruesome”, “inventive” and “the scares…so effective”! Ashes is now available on Digital and Demand from 1091 media.


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